Groove to the Sounds of Summer

Groove to the Sounds of Summer

As summer kicks into high gear, so does the enjoyment of riding in your car, truck or ATV and listening to music on a state-of-the-art stereo system. Nothing beats hearing to your favorite music on a sunny day while driving on the open road, off-road or in town. Whether you’re looking to install a new system or upgrade the one you’ve been using, we can recommend the best stereos, subwoofers, speakers and amplifiers, as well as LCD screens and GPS units that fit perfectly into your dashboard.


The brands we supply include JL Audio, Sony, DD Audio, Kenwood, Clarion, Pioneer, JVC, Sounstream, T.N. Sounds, Powerbass and Mobile Spec. Based on the features most important to you, a member of our knowledgeable team can recommend the best components, or a system that we’ll customize based on factors such as number of channels, amplifier preference, power rating, amp class and Bluetooth connectivity.

To make sure you’re protected against the unexpected, we offer extended warranties on all of the mobile electronics systems and components we sell and install.

To help you fit a car stereo system into your budget, we offer special financing for 6 and 12 months, same as cash.

During the month of July, save 10% on stereo system installation. Make an appointment or call 412.882.8346 in Castle Shannon or 412.967.0460 in Fox Chapel.

Wheel Rims & Dust Shields Make Your Vehicle More Attractive

Wheel Rims & Dust Shields Make Your Vehicle More Attractive

Just as your clothes express your style preferences or world view, our wheel rims give you a way to let the world know about your automotive style.

Whether you prefer a competition, luxury, off-road, racing, replica, sporting, touring or vintage wheel, we can outfit your vehicle with rims that make your pickup truck, luxury car, SUV, crossover or sedan unique. The wide selection of leading brands we carry includes American Racing, ATD, ATX, Helo, KMC, MHT, Lorenzo, Moto Metal, OE Creation, Ultra and Wheel Pros.




Regardless of the brand or style of rim you choose, one thing is certain: road grime and brake dust can take away the luster of your rims and mask the attractiveness that drew you to them in the first place.

So, if you invest in wheel rims, consider adding Kleen Wheels dust shields to prevent grime and dust from hiding your car’s beauty at a time of year when everyone is out-and-about.

During the month of June, save 10% on select wheel rims, or by purchasing full sets of rims and dust shields at the same time. Make an appointment or call 412.882.8346 in Castle Shannon or 412.967.0460 in Fox Chapel.

Detail Cleaning of Your Car, RV or Boat Adds Pleasure to Being Outside

Detail Cleaning of Your Car, RV or Boat Adds Pleasure to Being Outside

Car care concept, detailing and cleaning of interior back seats at luxury modern cars

Whether you own a car, RV or a boat, May’s warmer temperatures (we hope!) make this month a great time to get your vehicle or craft detail-cleaned so you can get the most out of your leisure time.

The advantages of detailing your car, RV or boat include:

  • Restoring Exterior & Interior to Original Condition
  • Extending Operating Life
  • Increasing Your Enjoyment
  • Retaining Resale Value

If you’re leasing a car or RV, detailing can help you reduce or eliminate lease-return penalties resulting from not maintaining the vehicle sufficiently.

If you’re a boat owner, detailing can help you find small problems with the hull so you can fix them before they get bigger and more expensive to remedy.

Common misunderstandings about detailing are that it’s washing & waxing (cars & RVs) or cleaning & rinsing (boats) that you could do just as well yourself, and that it’s unaffordable.

At Team Nutz, we offer options to fit every budget, and the quality of our work will make you glad you chose us.

As a result of your smart decision, you’ll have more time to enjoy scenic roads, rivers and lakes in a car, RV or boat that looks and feels good-as-new.  

During the month of May, get 10% off all detailing packages.  Make an appointment or call 412.882.8346 in Castle Shannon or 412.967.0460 in Fox Chapel.

What Do Wheel Rims & Car, RV and Boat Detailing Have in Common? Team Nutz.

What Do Wheel Rims & Car, RV and Boat Detailing Have in Common? Team Nutz.

rimsAs winter turns to spring, now is an ideal time to consider upgrading your car’s wheel rims. Our custom wheels are made by many of the leading manufacturers, including American Racing, ATX, Helo, KMC, Lorenzo, MHT, Ruff Racing, Wheel Pros and XD.  Whether you prefer a custom or off-the-shelf style, Team Nutz will work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want – not only for your car but also your motorcycle! What’s more, we have a wide selection of quality tires to help you get a smoother ride while showing off those new rims. You’ll realize the most savings by going with one of our many competitively priced rim & tire packages. Plus Team Nutz offers great financing options. New rims deserve a clean car. Now’s the time for Team Nutz to a spring deep-clean on your car – learn more about our car detailing packages.

If you’re a boater, increase your enjoyment of cruising the three rivers, or any of the other exceptional waterways throughout the region, by taking advantage of Team Nutz boat detailing packages. Whether you want a bottom cleaning that uses the most modern pressure-washing methods, a wash & buff treatment that’s customized to the age of your boat, wet sanding for older boats that have needed maintenance for a while, or an interior cleaning that uses our special AQUA-FOG odor elimination treatment, we’ll help you protect your investment and enjoy it more than ever. By taking advantage of our boat detailing services, your watercraft will look good-as-new and be in excellent condition for great times with family and friends on those sun-drenched afternoons. Team Nutz does a great job clearing the cobwebs and putting a shine on your RV, too.

During April get 10% off all detailing packages for cars, boats and RVs.  Contact us now for an appointment, or you can call 412.882.8346 in Castle Shannon or 412.967.0460 in Fox Chapel.

Time for Team Nutz to Swab the Decks

Time for Team Nutz to Swab the Decks

Time for Team Nutz to Swab the Decks

Months of winter storage takes a toll on your boat. Get a head start on boating season with a detailing appointment with Team Nutz at either our Fox Chapel or Castle Shannon locations. Plus you’ll get 10% off any package in March when you contact us. See our custom interior and exterior packages here.

Fashion for Your Car

If you didn’t upgrade your new car to more interesting wheels or want to give your old car and injection of personality, consider the thousands of choices that Team Nutz has for custom wheels. We have all the newest colors and designs made of the highest performance materials from American Racing, KMC Wheels, Moto Metal and more. Ask us about financing! Remember: custom wheels aren’t just a guy thing. Women want what The New York Times calls “jewelry for your car.” Read more here.

Top 5 Valentine Gift Giving Ideas from Team Nutz

Top 5 Valentine Gift Giving Ideas from Team Nutz


The Greeting Card Association estimates that if we include children’s classroom valentines, more than one billion Valentine cards will be opened this year.

OK…that’s nice…but our Valentines are expecting more than just a dumb card.

Forget the cologne for him or the flowers for her; here are the Top 5 Gifts to get your sweetie from Team Nutz for February 14th:

1. Interior and Exterior Detailing Packages. After a long winter of salt stains and spilled mocha lattes, show his or her car some love with one of these super deals. >

2. Remote Starters. Leave it to the tech pros at Team Nutz to install the best remote starter for your budget. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a toasty warm car. >

3. Custom Rims.  You want to give him that nice zip-up wool sweater. But he secretly wants a cool set of new-for-2018 wheels like Ravetti, Monster Energy, Worx, Focal, Dub, and thousands more! >

4. Window Tinting. Keep out the harmful UV rays and keep his or her car cooler with expertly applied window tint films that come with a lifetime warranty. >

5. Gift Certificate. Don’t spend hours looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Give a gift of love from Team Nutz just by going here. >

Team Nutz has thousands of gift ideas. Stop by our showrooms in Fox Chapel or Castle Shannon or do some window shopping online at

Make a Remote Starter Your Key to Winter Warmth

As frigid temperatures dominate these early days of winter and the New Year, remote starters can help you ease your discomfort. It’s hard to leave the warmth of your home or office for a cold car, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Treat yourself to a post-holiday season gift you’ll value throughout the year as a remote starter can also cool down your car’s interior when the summer heat becomes unbearable. Many starters work from as far away as 1,500 feet, allowing you to turn on the motor before you need to get in your car. One of the keys to maximizing a remote starter’s effectiveness is to have your heater or air conditioner set to turn on when the car starts. The best remote starters combine the starter function with door & trunk unlock features, so you only need to carry one key fob. Remote starters can also provide additional safety, including doors staying locked until you’re next to the car and the motor shutting off after 10 or 15 minutes if you’re not in the vehicle by then. These advantages far outweigh the drawbacks, which include additional fuel consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from idling, as well as additional wear on your exhaust system and spark plugs.

With great deals going on throughout the month of January, now is right time to get a remote starter. Learn more about the warmth a remote starter can bring.

Remote Car Starters Offer Many Advantages

Remote Car Starters Offer Many Advantages

Python LCD 2-Way Security and Remote Start SystemAs colder temperatures become a reality, take the sting out of winter and do your car a favor by investing in a remote starter. These key fob-sized devices allow you to increase your comfort, and that of your passengers, by starting your car’s heating system – or the car itself – before you’re ready to leave. (You get the same advantage for activating the air conditioning on hot summer days.)

By starting the car before you get in, you’re able to warm the engine so it sufficiently heats up oil and other engine lubricants and distributes them to components for optimal functioning. Starting the heater ahead of time also melts any ice or snow on the windshield and windows, as well as on headlights, increasing your own safety, and that of other drivers on the road, in cold or foggy weather.

Additionally, remote starters increase your security by allowing you to lock the doors and prevent a burglar from driving the car away while you’re warming it up. (Not all insurance policies cover that type of loss.)

With systems priced as low as $159.99, fully installed, car starters are a practical way to minimize the impact of the elements on your body, your car and your bank account.

Myths & Facts About Remote Car Starter Systems

Myths & Facts About Remote Car Starter Systems


When it comes to remote car starter systems, it can be difficult to separate fiction from reality. That’s because many aftermarket installation shops tell customers anything to make a sale. At Team Nutz, honesty has always been our policy. In that spirit, here’s useful, unbiased information you can use to decide which automatic starter is best for your vehicle.

Myth: Remote Starters void warranties.

Fact: They do not. In fact, we work with car dealers to install remote starters on their new vehicles.

Myth: Remote Starters are bad for your engine.

Fact: Allowing your engine to pre-heat before driving in cold weather allows engine oil to reduce its viscosity (“thin out”) and flow better. It also makes your drivetrain last longer.

Myth: Remote Starter signals don’t need a lot of range.

Fact: Even if you park near a window at your home or office, a longer-range signal helps you remote-start your car in a variety of places you go frequently, such as grocery stores, restaurants, malls and the gym.

Myth: Remote Starters are easy to install.

Fact: Modern electrical systems in vehicles are very complex, and installing a remote starter requires the expertise of a technician who knows how to interface with multiplexed wiring and Can-BUS networks.

Myth: Remote Starters can’t be used with manual transmissions & diesel engines.

Fact: We have the know-how to install Remote Starters in “stick shift” vehicles, and because diesel engines take longer to warm up than gasoline engines, our Starters can make winter more bearable.

With systems priced as low as $159.99, fully installed, save 20% on remote car starters purchased by November 30, 2017. Learn more and act soon!

Winterize Your Car and Yourself with a Remote Starter

Winterize Your Car and Yourself with a Remote Starter


Experts say that the #1 thing to do before temperatures go south is to check your battery. In a Consumer Reports article, “A Cold-weather Survival Guide for Your Car,” the important last point that CR makes is to let the engine warm up. The nation’s go-to source for product testing indicates that modern cars can be started and driven away but a brief bit of idling time gives the oil a chance to heat up, thin out and flow more smoothly. Revving the car isn’t smart and waiting for the idle speed to drop before putting the car in gear increases transmission life. It’s time to make the winter months less tough on your car and YOU. Take a cue from CR and warm up your car with a remote starter installation from the highly trained pros at Team Nutz, starting as low as $159.99. We have the largest inventory, latest technology, and the very best practices to hook you up in time for the first temperature drop. Contact us today.

Read about a “remote starter” winter coat being developed by the U.S Army!
“A new high-tech fabric could mean the end of bulky layers in the winter,” featured in Quartz

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