The Importance of Boat Detailing

The Importance of Boat Detailing

shutterstock_1104487391Boating gives great pleasure to you and your friends and family. Yet keeping it clean can be a full-time job. Give your investment the care it and you deserve with mobile detailing. Professional cleaning is imperative because your vessel is exposed to changing weather and conditions. Your boat is made of a diverse range of materials, fiberglass, paint, wood, metal, glass – each one needs to be cleaned or detailed in a different way, step by meticulous step. That’s just the exterior protection. Interior cleaning requires special attention to maintain and sanitize leather, vinyl, carpet, and more. Only a professional detailer has the necessary tools and specialized cleaning solutions to do the job. Washing and shining the boat to remove oxidation, which contributes to fade, rust and corrosion, is at the top of the list. Having it done regularly is key to proper boat maintenance.  You’re the captain of your ship. Start the season with a boat that looks showroom clean and new, and smells clean, too, with our Aqua-Fog Odor Eliminator.

See Team Nutz’s interior and exterior package options.

We also detail RVs. Contact us for a free quote.

The Four Top Advantages of Detailing Your Car This Spring

The Four Top Advantages of Detailing Your Car This Spring &
How Are You Going to Spend Your Tax Deduction?



Before spring fever kicks in…it’s time to do a spring cleaning on your car. Now’s a great time to get your vehicle detail-cleaned so that you can make the very most of these warmer months.

According to a survey, 28 percent of respondents blamed their messy car on the rain and snow, 26 percent on drive-thru food and drinks, and 18 percent on their kids.



Here are four top advantages of detailing your car:

  1. Restoring Exterior & Interior to Original Condition
  2. Extending Operating Life
  3. Increasing Your Enjoyment
  4. Retaining Resale Value

If you’re leasing a car, detailing can help you reduce or eliminate lease-return penalties resulting from not maintaining the vehicle sufficiently.

One of the Best Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

The average federal tax refund is about $3,000, according to the IRS and a third of all Americans spend their refund on an auto-related purchase.  What about upgrading your car?

A professional detailing is an obvious first choice. But what about clearing foggy headlights, repairing interior rips and tears, new floor mats, new tires and custom rims, remote starter, audio upgrade, window film, paint protection film, or custom leather seats?

Spring is a time of renewal and for extra cash from IRS refund.  So, renew your car and your spirit with Team Nutz. We’re western Pennsylvania’s #1 source for keeping your ride clean and like new. Whether it’s detailing or window film or remote starter, Team Nutz has quality options to fit every budget.

During April, get 10% off all detailing packages. Team Nutz also offers financing, with 90 days same as cash. Stop at our showroom on 3287 Library Road in Castle Shannon, just a 5-minute drive from the intersection of Rt. 88 and Rt. 51. Call 412-882-8346 or contact us today.

In The Market For Larger Wheels?

Like the Rest of America, Are You in the Market for Larger Wheels, More Unique Styling?

Custom wheels and rims are all the rage, making it a $1.21 billion industry. Style matters. Flashier rims are no longer just found in the custom and luxury markets. Manufacturers are jumping in by differentiating their vehicles with wheels that set their brands apart. There is a huge demand by today’s everyday driver for of larger-diameter, more stylized rims and tires. The growing trend is for both the off-road and plus-size markets tire and wheel combinations.

Team Nutz has the tri-state’s largest selection with thousands of models and manufacturers. Whether you prefer a competition, luxury, off-road, racing, replica, sporting, touring or vintage wheel, we can outfit your vehicle with rims that make your pickup truck, luxury car, SUV, crossover or sedan unique. The wide selection of leading brands we carry includes American Racing, ATD, ATX, Helo, KMC, MHT, Lorenzo, Moto Metal, OE Creation, Ultra and Wheel Pros.

Spiffy new rims and wheels are great, but they need to be installed properly to protect the metals and finishes. Ask about Road Force Balancing for better wear and safety, and nitrogen tire inflation. Don’t forget. Team Nutz offers financing, with 90 days same as cash. Why rent when you can buy and drive away at up to half the price? Stop at our showroom on 3287 Library Road in Castle Shannon, just a 5-minute drive from the intersection of Rt. 88 and Rt. 51. Call 412-882-8346 or contact us today.

Valentines day 2019

Top 3 Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ on Valentine’s Day

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans are collectively expected to spend $19.6 billion on Valentine’s Day with the average spend at $143.56. The most common items and average prices are:

  • A box of chocolates ($15.11)
  • Diamond earrings ($323.26)
  • A dozen roses ($41.66)
  • Dinner for two ($80.46)
  • A bottle of champagne ($51.54)


Ok, let’s get practical. Give him or her what they really want – a gift for the one thing they love as much as you – their car. Team Nutz, located in Castle Shannon, PA, just six miles south of Pittsburgh, is Valentine’s Day Central for your car lover.

Ok, let’s get practical. Give him or her what they really want – a gift for the one thing they love as much as you – their car. Team Nutz, located in Castle Shannon, PA, just six miles south of Pittsburgh, is Valentine’s Day Central for your car lover.

#1 on the list is a remote starter. How much will your valentine appreciate getting into a warm car every morning? You’ll see! Team Nutz has a Remote Starter Special, starting at $159.99. Installation only takes two or three hours. Plus, remote starters are upgradeable to a SmartStart App – rev up that engine from anywhere in the world.

#2 is an interior and exterior detailing package. French fries under the seats, spilled skinny latte all over the center console, mud on the mats from that recent hike. Indulge your sweetie with a makeover – for their car. Team Nutz has lots of options to get his or her car looking and smelling like new.

#3 – a gift card. Let him or her choose what they love most. Browse our website, purchase that gift certificate and have it instantly delivered to their inbox SWAK.

Team Nutz has thousands of gift ideas. Stop by our showroom in Castle Shannon or do some window shopping online at

Make 2019 Safer, Happier and Warmer

Make 2019 Safer, Happier and Warmer

Under Chapter 37 of the PA vehicle codAdobeStock_101044911e, it’s illegal to leave any vehicle, commercial or passenger, unattended and unlocked with the engine running. Believe it or not the ticket is only $5 but the associated costs of the citation are about $150. But having a remote starter doesn’t violate the state statute. Remote starters may also prevent a common form of theft – a car left unattended while its owner is in their house waiting for it to warm up. 

Pre-starting your car also allows the snow and frost to clear from the windshields and windows for safer driving, which make it in compliance with yet another vehicle code.  In Pennsylvania, drivers must have a clear, unobstructed, view of the road at all times. Snow and ice — along with any other debris — must be removed from all windows before driving.

A good quality remote starter also boosts vehicle resale value, and is a smart gift idea for those faced with the grim prospect of winter driving.  Plus, how much is it worth to you to get into an air-conditioned car during the dog days of summer?

The money wasted on a car-idling fine could pay for the Remote Starter Special at Team Nutz, which is as low at $159.99 installed. Installation by our highly trained techs takes only two to three hours, and there’s a one-year limited warranty on labor plus the manufacturer’s warranty. You may want to consider upgrading to the Viper SmartStart App on your smartphone. Team Nutz can also pair your new remote with a security system for added assurance. 

Start your New Year and your car by simply pressing a button. Visit to learn about the wide range of options. We install starters on any make or model.  Call 412-967-0467 for an installation appointment at our recently expanded Castle Shannon location, 3287 Library Road, just five minutes from the Rt. 51 and Rt. 88 intersection.

Happy 2019 from your friends in the know at Team Nutz.

Remote Car Starters Make Great Holiday Gifts!

Remote Car Starters Make Great Holiday Gifts!


If you want to avoid the hassle of crowded stores when doing your holiday shopping, consider buying someone on your gift list a remote car starter.

Remote car starters are a way to start a vehicle from indoors using a special key fob. The doors remain locked once the car starts. To have the car heated by the time you’re ready to drive, remember to set the temperature and put the heater button in the “on” position when you exit the car in the evening. The same procedure applies for cooling the vehicle during the warmer months of the year.

As is the case with other aftermarket automotive accessories, there are many types of remote starters from which to choose.

Before making the purchase, you’ll need to verify whether the vehicle in which your gift will be installed comes equipped with an interface module that receives the remote starter’s signal to start the engine. Most newer cars come equipped with that feature. To be absolutely certain, check with us to make sure your friend’s or relative’s vehicle (or your own) can accommodate the device. We’ll just need the year, make and model of the car to give you the right answer.

As colder temperatures become routine around here, give the gift of increased comfort, safety (Heats up oil and other engine lubricants, and distributes them to components for optimal functioning. Also melts any ice or snow on the windshield and windows, as well as on headlights.) and security. (Allows doors to remain locked, preventing a thief from stealing the car while it’s being warmed up or cooled it off, as not all insurance policies cover that type of loss.)

With systems priced as low as $159.99, fully installed, remote car starters are a practical way to maximize comfort and minimize impact of the elements year-round on body, car and bank account.

Give Thanks for Remote Starter Systems

Give Thanks for Remote Starter Systems


With November being the month of Thanksgiving, a remote starter is one of the blessings you should be able to count on Turkey Day. Now that Old Man Winter is truly on our doorstep, you have every reason to want the comforts of getting into a vehicle that’s already warm, that doesn’t have any snow or ice on its windows, and that’s easy to find in a crowded parking lot. An added incentive for investing in this vehicle upgrade is that we’re offering a promotional rate of $159.99, which includes installation, a 1-year limited warranty on labor and a manufacturer’s warranty. Installation takes only 2 to 3 hours, and all of our remote starters are upgradeable to the SmartStart app. A remote starter, along with a gift card to spend on any of our products or services that add to your enjoyment of your car, boat or RV, is a great way to warm up the season.

ANNOUNCEMENT: We’re closing our Fox Chapel location on December 21, 2018. All gift certificates can be redeemed and all of Team Nutz’s detailing, electronics and aftermarket accessory products and services, like our remote starters, will be performed or installed at our Castle Shannon store in the South Hills. It’s located at 3287 Library Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15234. Watch for our new mobile detailing and installation service coming to you soon.

Remote Starters Make Cold Weather More Brrrrrrable

Remote Starters Make Cold Weather More Brrrrrrable

tnutz-winter-10-2018When the leaves begin turning colors, one thing is certain: cold temperatures will soon follow. Make your winter more comfortable by upgrading to a remote starter for your vehicle. Whether you drive a car, truck, SUV or van, remote starters offer many advantages and are more affordable than you might think.

The benefits of using a remote starter, instead of starting your engine the old-fashioned way, include getting into a vehicle that’s already warm; melting the snow and ice off your vehicle by running the defroster before you’re ready to roll, so you can be on-time; locating your vehicle in a crowded parking lot; synchronizing your vehicle with your smartphone for easier climate control and overall operation; tracking your vehicle’s movements through GPS – particularly helpful if you’re loaning your vehicle to a family member or friend; and increasing the life of your engine, as a warm engine with viscous oil running through it offers better performance than an engine in which the cold oil is heating up while the vehicle is in motion.

To ensure your vehicle’s security, our remote starters keep your vehicle locked while the engine is running unattended.

What’s more, if you own your vehicle and are looking to sell it, a remote starter can increase resale value, especially given the extreme temperatures (cold and hot) we experience in this area throughout much of the year.

Fall is Ideal Season to Tint Your Car Windows

Fall is Ideal Season to Tint Your Car Windows

Yellow maple leaf pressed by wipers on windshield of car close up. Autumn. Shallow depth of field, focus on maple

As summer heat gives way to the cool, crisp autumn weather, conditions for tinting your car’s windows are perfect due to lower levels of humidity. That’s because dry, mild weather allows tint film to dry faster, giving you the results you deserve from a top-notch tinting job.

There are many reasons to tint car windows. Benefits include:

Decreases Exposure to Sunlight – Window film can absorb more than 60% of the sun’s heat and increase the comfort of you and your passengers. As a result, you can significantly reduce air conditioner use, extend the life of your AC system and improve gas mileage.

Reduces Fading – Automotive window film blocks at least 99% of harmful UV rays while at the same time decreasing heat levels. Because heat and UV rays are the primary causes of fading upholstery, carpet, wood trim and dashboards, your vehicle’s interior will retain its luster.

Lowers Health Risks – Over-exposure to the sun’s UV rays can damage your eyes and skin. Tinted windows can protect you and your passengers from the sun’s most harmful effects.

Cuts Hazardous Glare – During the day, glare from the sun can blind your vision when driving. The same holds true for the headlights of other vehicles on the road at night. You can significantly reduce the safety risks of those two conditions by tinting your vehicle’s side and rear windows.

Improves Safety & Security – Thicker automotive protection films offer an extra level of safety in case of an accident. Such coatings also make it more difficult for thieves to steal your belongings using a “smash-and-grab” technique.

Enhances Appearance – Tinting films are available in almost any color, including invisible or clear, to give your vehicle the look you want.

Easy to Install – Most vehicles can be tinted by a professional in just 1 or 2 hours.

Find out how we can help you drive more comfortably this fall and beyond. Special financing options available.


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