Top 5 Valentine Gift Giving Ideas from Team Nutz

Top 5 Valentine Gift Giving Ideas from Team Nutz


The Greeting Card Association estimates that if we include children’s classroom valentines, more than one billion Valentine cards will be opened this year.

OK…that’s nice…but our Valentines are expecting more than just a dumb card.

Forget the cologne for him or the flowers for her; here are the Top 5 Gifts to get your sweetie from Team Nutz for February 14th:

1. Interior and Exterior Detailing Packages. After a long winter of salt stains and spilled mocha lattes, show his or her car some love with one of these super deals. >

2. Remote Starters. Leave it to the tech pros at Team Nutz to install the best remote starter for your budget. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a toasty warm car. >

3. Custom Rims.  You want to give him that nice zip-up wool sweater. But he secretly wants a cool set of new-for-2018 wheels like Ravetti, Monster Energy, Worx, Focal, Dub, and thousands more! >

4. Window Tinting. Keep out the harmful UV rays and keep his or her car cooler with expertly applied window tint films that come with a lifetime warranty. >

5. Gift Certificate. Don’t spend hours looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Give a gift of love from Team Nutz just by going here. >

Team Nutz has thousands of gift ideas. Stop by our showrooms in Fox Chapel or Castle Shannon or do some window shopping online at

Make a Remote Starter Your Key to Winter Warmth

As frigid temperatures dominate these early days of winter and the New Year, remote starters can help you ease your discomfort. It’s hard to leave the warmth of your home or office for a cold car, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Treat yourself to a post-holiday season gift you’ll value throughout the year as a remote starter can also cool down your car’s interior when the summer heat becomes unbearable. Many starters work from as far away as 1,500 feet, allowing you to turn on the motor before you need to get in your car. One of the keys to maximizing a remote starter’s effectiveness is to have your heater or air conditioner set to turn on when the car starts. The best remote starters combine the starter function with door & trunk unlock features, so you only need to carry one key fob. Remote starters can also provide additional safety, including doors staying locked until you’re next to the car and the motor shutting off after 10 or 15 minutes if you’re not in the vehicle by then. These advantages far outweigh the drawbacks, which include additional fuel consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from idling, as well as additional wear on your exhaust system and spark plugs.

With great deals going on throughout the month of January, now is right time to get a remote starter. Learn more about the warmth a remote starter can bring.

Remote Car Starters Offer Many Advantages

Remote Car Starters Offer Many Advantages

Python LCD 2-Way Security and Remote Start SystemAs colder temperatures become a reality, take the sting out of winter and do your car a favor by investing in a remote starter. These key fob-sized devices allow you to increase your comfort, and that of your passengers, by starting your car’s heating system – or the car itself – before you’re ready to leave. (You get the same advantage for activating the air conditioning on hot summer days.)

By starting the car before you get in, you’re able to warm the engine so it sufficiently heats up oil and other engine lubricants and distributes them to components for optimal functioning. Starting the heater ahead of time also melts any ice or snow on the windshield and windows, as well as on headlights, increasing your own safety, and that of other drivers on the road, in cold or foggy weather.

Additionally, remote starters increase your security by allowing you to lock the doors and prevent a burglar from driving the car away while you’re warming it up. (Not all insurance policies cover that type of loss.)

With systems priced as low as $159.99, fully installed, car starters are a practical way to minimize the impact of the elements on your body, your car and your bank account.

Myths & Facts About Remote Car Starter Systems

Myths & Facts About Remote Car Starter Systems


When it comes to remote car starter systems, it can be difficult to separate fiction from reality. That’s because many aftermarket installation shops tell customers anything to make a sale. At Team Nutz, honesty has always been our policy. In that spirit, here’s useful, unbiased information you can use to decide which automatic starter is best for your vehicle.

Myth: Remote Starters void warranties.

Fact: They do not. In fact, we work with car dealers to install remote starters on their new vehicles.

Myth: Remote Starters are bad for your engine.

Fact: Allowing your engine to pre-heat before driving in cold weather allows engine oil to reduce its viscosity (“thin out”) and flow better. It also makes your drivetrain last longer.

Myth: Remote Starter signals don’t need a lot of range.

Fact: Even if you park near a window at your home or office, a longer-range signal helps you remote-start your car in a variety of places you go frequently, such as grocery stores, restaurants, malls and the gym.

Myth: Remote Starters are easy to install.

Fact: Modern electrical systems in vehicles are very complex, and installing a remote starter requires the expertise of a technician who knows how to interface with multiplexed wiring and Can-BUS networks.

Myth: Remote Starters can’t be used with manual transmissions & diesel engines.

Fact: We have the know-how to install Remote Starters in “stick shift” vehicles, and because diesel engines take longer to warm up than gasoline engines, our Starters can make winter more bearable.

With systems priced as low as $159.99, fully installed, save 20% on remote car starters purchased by November 30, 2017. Learn more and act soon!

Winterize Your Car and Yourself with a Remote Starter

Winterize Your Car and Yourself with a Remote Starter


Experts say that the #1 thing to do before temperatures go south is to check your battery. In a Consumer Reports article, “A Cold-weather Survival Guide for Your Car,” the important last point that CR makes is to let the engine warm up. The nation’s go-to source for product testing indicates that modern cars can be started and driven away but a brief bit of idling time gives the oil a chance to heat up, thin out and flow more smoothly. Revving the car isn’t smart and waiting for the idle speed to drop before putting the car in gear increases transmission life. It’s time to make the winter months less tough on your car and YOU. Take a cue from CR and warm up your car with a remote starter installation from the highly trained pros at Team Nutz, starting as low as $159.99. We have the largest inventory, latest technology, and the very best practices to hook you up in time for the first temperature drop. Contact us today.

Read about a “remote starter” winter coat being developed by the U.S Army!
“A new high-tech fabric could mean the end of bulky layers in the winter,” featured in Quartz

Tis the Season for Window Tinting

☀️ Tis the Season for Window Tinting ☀

Now is the time for all  good men and women to have their  windows tinted. Actually, spring and  fall are the very best seasons because milder temperatures and lower humidity make for easier installation and curing. (But Team Nutz has you literally covered year-round because of our climate-controlled installation center.) Why window tint? It prevents glare ☀ while driving, and protects you and your passengers from skin cancer-causing   UV rays and your car’s interior from fading. It also strengthens your windows, deters theft and looks  great. Appearance is  key, so that’s why you want the award-winning techs at Team Nutz to window tint. It’s an exacting process, cutting and expertly applying the film so there are no streaks or bubbles. There are also PA state laws that determine the percentage of opacity and which windows can and can’t have tint. Team Nutz goes by the book  offering the BEST films, warranties and installs. Ask about our residential window tinting service, too. Throughout September 2017 get 10% off window tinting on any vehicle — even your RV. Contact us now  for an appointment.

Tint & Sound and John Lennon’s Phantom V Rolls Royce

Tint & Sound and John Lennon’s Phantom V Rolls Royce


Yinz know that Team Nutz has a legendary reputation for the best sound on wheels for more than 15 years. Factory equipment is always evolving and the “12 volt” aftermarket is keeping up with the ever-changing interests of our customers. Team Nutz offers all the major brands like Pioneer, Kenwood and Sony that incorporate navigation, HD radio, satellite radio, iPhone integration and Bluetooth®. Plus we carry all the speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, crossovers, equalizer and more for high-performance sound. Most important, we have the trained techs that can make the digital interface install needed for nearly all cars today. We also offer special same-as-cash financing and extended three- and five-year warranties.  Contact us about stereo systems, special financing, and warranties now.

Team Nutz has lots of window tint options, too. We employe three award-winning full-time technicians that can apply the best window films with the best UV protection and the best warranties against cracking, peeling and fading.  Our techs are also pros in vinyl wrap, pin striping and emblem installs. Remember window tints can’t be applied to off-road vehicles; and vehicle window tints or sunscreens can’t exceed the light transmittance requirements in Pennsylvania.  During August get a FREE Wash with all vehicle window tint services, including RVs and boats. Contact Team Nutz now for an appointment.


Tint & Sound…I Love You Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

John Lennon shook up British aristocracy with his 1965 psychedelic Phantom V Rolls Royce, which is now being featured at Bonhams auction house in London, along with seven other notable RRs to celebrate the brand’s 92nd year.

According to Rolling Stone, the most unusual feature was the one-way passenger windows made of darkened Triplex Deeplight glass to shield riders from any gawking. Lennon admitted that “If it’s daylight when you’re coming in, it’s still dark inside the car – you just shut all the windows and you’re still in the club.”  The icon of rock also enjoyed on-demand music from a state of the art Philips Auto-Mignon AG2101 “floating” record player with a suspension system that prevented the needle from jumping when the car was in use.

Put Sunscreen on Your Car

Put Sunscreen on Your Car

Smiling young woman driving a car.

Window tint film reduces a car’s interior heat by 60 percent and protects its interior from the damaging rays of the sun. Most important, it protects your car’s occupants by blocking 99% of UV rays which can cause skin cancer. It also deters theft, making it hard for would-be crooks to see inside the vehicle. Film can also be applied to SUVs, vans, RVs, and boats. In Pennsylvania on passenger vehicles, tinting is permitted only along the top five inches of the windshield. Side and rear windows may not be covered or treated with tinting that allows a light transmittance of less than 35%. All windows except the rear window must contain two-way glass. Reflective or mirrored material is not permitted on any vehicle windows. All vehicles with window tint film must have dual side-view mirrors.

Don’t forget your home or office. During the warm months, window tint films reduce the solar heat gain up to 80 percent at the glass, especially on east- and west-facing windows, keeping your house or office cool and minimizing summer utility bills.  Window tint films also eliminate the chance that your furnishings, window coverings and paintings will fade or discolor from sun damage by blocking up to 99 percent of UV rays. Decorative window tint films in reflective, etched and frosted patterns increase your privacy with all of the energy-saving benefits.

Yes, you can do it yourself but professional window tint installers, like T.N. Security, use of experienced hand cutting to ensure the right fit, professional-grade materials, and tools that don’t result in streaks and bubbles. What’s more, T.N. Security offers a lifetime guarantee.

During the month of July, when the sun is high in the sky, get 20% off residential and commercial window tint film installation.  Contact us.

Why You Need Bluetooth® in Your Car

Why You Need Bluetooth® in Your Car

Woman driving her car while her dog is sitting on the passenger seat

Summer’s here and it’s time to roll down the windows and jack up the sound.  Your stereo speakers do more than just carry the sound of your favorite tunes, they need to be Bluetooth-enabled with your smartphone for safe hands-free phone conversations, to transmit the lovely voice of your GPS lady’s navigation commands, and stream your favorite music.  Team Nutz has lots of Bluetooth options. If your stereo speakers aren’t Bluetooth enabled, Team Nutz has Bluetooth receivers that plug into your aux-in jack and a small controller microphone that mounts to your visor or dash.  We also install vehicle-specific Bluetooth adapters that are integrated into your factory stereo. Team Nutz also has a wide variety of aftermarket stereos with built-in or add-on Bluetooth capability. These are complete systems with in-dash DVDs, AM/FM receivers and flip-out touchscreen monitors. Tap on the screen to scroll contact lists, stream MP3s, view photos, and more. Some even have an input for a rear view camera. Regardless of budget or solution, Team Nutz is here. Become Bluetooth-enabled. Ask us about Bluetooth Powered Keyless Entry, too.  During June, get 25% off retail of any installation package on CK3100.

Six types of first-time boat buyers & why detailing keeps your boat looking brand new

Six types of first-time boat buyers & why detailing keeps your boat looking brand new

Grow Boating released an April 2017 study that indicates who first-time boat buyers are. The results
transcended generation, income, boat type, and even geography, to yield six types of first-time boat
buyers, all with different motivations for getting out on the water:

Gear Guys / 14.6 million people / 17% of audience
Younger adults, mostly men, motivated by hobbies with specialized equipment. They are intrigued by
the tech and the specs. They crave details, so when they’re ready to buy a boat, they want to talk to the
experts. For the Gear Guys, it’s not about being on the water—it’s about the boat.

Merry Mates / 13.7 million people / 16% of audience
Family is at the core of everything they do— especially their activities. When it comes to boating, Merry
Mates rarely plan events, but they love going along for the ride. For them, boat ownership is the best
way to connect as a family.

Luxurious Leisurers / 15.1 million people / 18% of audience
Image-conscious and surround themselves with the finer things. They are always up for trying a new
hobby or activity. For the Luxurious Leisurers, owning a boat is an achievement that gives them a boost
in status.

Water Weekenders / 19.2 million people / 23% of audience
Enjoy being by or on the water but they didn’t grow up boating. In their social circles, the Water
Weekenders are the ones who plan outings on the boat – tubing, cruising, fishing and water skiing. For
them, owning a boat is driven by their desire to host friends and family.

Seclusion Seekers / 10.6 million people / 12% of audience
Nature lovers who consider their daily life stressful and full of obligations. Seclusion Seekers escape to
the great outdoors through activities like hunting, hiking, camping or kayaking. For them, boating is
about getting away from the daily grind and connecting with nature on the water.

Nautical Natives / 11.9 million people / 14% of audience
Boating is in their DNA so they understand the appeal of boating and take joy in getting on the water.
With lots of experience under their belt, Nautical Natives see themselves as boating experts. Their
desire to own a boat is rooted in continuing a family legacy.

Wherever you are on the boat-owner spectrum, protect your investment with Team Nutz because
cleaning and detailing keeps your boat looking brand new. Plus Team Nutz carries all of the accessories
and services to optimize your boating pleasure. During May 2017, get 10% our Bronze, Silver and Gold
Wash & Buff Packages. Contact us now.

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