Why You Need Bluetooth® in Your Car

Why You Need Bluetooth® in Your Car

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Summer’s here and it’s time to roll down the windows and jack up the sound.  Your stereo speakers do more than just carry the sound of your favorite tunes, they need to be Bluetooth-enabled with your smartphone for safe hands-free phone conversations, to transmit the lovely voice of your GPS lady’s navigation commands, and stream your favorite music.  Team Nutz has lots of Bluetooth options. If your stereo speakers aren’t Bluetooth enabled, Team Nutz has Bluetooth receivers that plug into your aux-in jack and a small controller microphone that mounts to your visor or dash.  We also install vehicle-specific Bluetooth adapters that are integrated into your factory stereo. Team Nutz also has a wide variety of aftermarket stereos with built-in or add-on Bluetooth capability. These are complete systems with in-dash DVDs, AM/FM receivers and flip-out touchscreen monitors. Tap on the screen to scroll contact lists, stream MP3s, view photos, and more. Some even have an input for a rear view camera. Regardless of budget or solution, Team Nutz is here. Become Bluetooth-enabled. Ask us about Bluetooth Powered Keyless Entry, too.  During June, get 25% off retail of any installation package on CK3100.

Six types of first-time boat buyers & why detailing keeps your boat looking brand new

Six types of first-time boat buyers & why detailing keeps your boat looking brand new

Grow Boating released an April 2017 study that indicates who first-time boat buyers are. The results
transcended generation, income, boat type, and even geography, to yield six types of first-time boat

buyers, all with different motivations for getting out on the water:

Gear Guys / 14.6 million people / 17% of audience
Younger adults, mostly men, motivated by hobbies with specialized equipment. They are intrigued by
the tech and the specs. They crave details, so when they’re ready to buy a boat, they want to talk to the
experts. For the Gear Guys, it’s not about being on the water—it’s about the boat.

Merry Mates / 13.7 million people / 16% of audience
Family is at the core of everything they do— especially their activities. When it comes to boating, Merry
Mates rarely plan events, but they love going along for the ride. For them, boat ownership is the best
way to connect as a family.

Luxurious Leisurers / 15.1 million people / 18% of audience
Image-conscious and surround themselves with the finer things. They are always up for trying a new
hobby or activity. For the Luxurious Leisurers, owning a boat is an achievement that gives them a boost
in status.

Water Weekenders / 19.2 million people / 23% of audience
Enjoy being by or on the water but they didn’t grow up boating. In their social circles, the Water
Weekenders are the ones who plan outings on the boat – tubing, cruising, fishing and water skiing. For
them, owning a boat is driven by their desire to host friends and family.

Seclusion Seekers / 10.6 million people / 12% of audience
Nature lovers who consider their daily life stressful and full of obligations. Seclusion Seekers escape to
the great outdoors through activities like hunting, hiking, camping or kayaking. For them, boating is
about getting away from the daily grind and connecting with nature on the water.

Nautical Natives / 11.9 million people / 14% of audience
Boating is in their DNA so they understand the appeal of boating and take joy in getting on the water.
With lots of experience under their belt, Nautical Natives see themselves as boating experts. Their
desire to own a boat is rooted in continuing a family legacy.

Wherever you are on the boat-owner spectrum, protect your investment with Team Nutz because
cleaning and detailing keeps your boat looking brand new. Plus Team Nutz carries all of the accessories
and services to optimize your boating pleasure. During May 2017, get 10% our Bronze, Silver and Gold
Wash & Buff Packages. Contact us now.

Your Boat Can Be Entertaining and a Tax Deduction, Plus Detailing Packages That’ll Float Your Boat

Your Boat Can Be Entertaining and a Tax Deduction, Plus Detailing Packages That’ll Float Your Boat

TNT-Boat Slider

Tax deductions exist for both business and pleasure crafts. Please consult your accountant or tax attorney regarding any tax deduction. This is just an overview and doesn’t cover all parameters.

Declaring Your Boat as a Second Home

All you need to have on your boat to qualify is a sleeping place, cooking facilities, and a toilet (portable ones count, too) to get a mortgage interest deduction.

Entertaining Clients – Business Not Pleasure

You can deduct up to 50 percent of the costs of fuel, food, drinks, and mooring fees. But you’ll need to keep fastidious records.

Income Generator

If you are earning income off of your boat for charters or tours, you can also deduct all of your business expenses as long as you’re trying to make a profit from the boat and are not using it as a hobby.

Boat Donation

You know the old adage: “The happiest day is when you buy a boat and sell it.” Another option, if you’re done being a boat owner, is to donate it to charity. The IRS allows you to deduct the market value of your boat on the day you donate it (not what you originally paid for it).

Team Nutz is your go-to source for all interior and exterior detailing of boats, RVs and cars. Take advantage of these spring cleaning specials!

For boats, RVs, any vehicle, or home interiors consider Aqua-Fog Odor Eliminator. Aqua-Fog represents the new generation of odor eliminating products. The active ingredients in Aqua-Fog vapor react chemically with sources of foul odor and eliminate them, in contrast to similar products that simply mask and cover odors, leading to their eventual return once the scent wears off.  Packages start as low as $59.99

If you’re a new boat owner or your boat is up to five years old, take advantage of our Bronze Exterior Package with One-step Polish Wax.  Contact us for a price.



On Appointments for Boat Detailing, Super Yachts & Custom Wheels

Musings from Ed:
On Appointments for Boat Detailing, Super Yachts & Custom Wheels

Team Nutz is starting to take appointments for boat detailing. Schedule by 3/15/17 and get 10% off your detailing.

Contact us now.

And in the spirit of all things nautical, take a look at these super yachts featured at the International Boat Show, which dropped anchor in Dubai yesterday.

The $90 million 252-ft.- long Silver Fast by Silver Yachts achieves tops speeds close to 29 knots. It has a range of 4,500 nautical miles at 18 knots, can cross the Atlantic at a cruising speed of 22 knots.

And for a more down-to- earth pursuit, remember that Team Nutz has the very best prices on rims and tires with 1,000s of makes and models from major players like American Racing, Work and Konig; and vintage wheels from Foose Designs, Boyd Coddington and more.

Boyd Coddington, “Possessed,” Elite Series, black with polished accents

Team Nutz offers financing with 90 days same as cash and, lucky you, March means the lowest prices of the year. Most important, we’re experts in “fitment,” which is the science of selecting that right wheel/tire size for proper mounting. If you can’t have a superyacht, you can spice up your ride with some new custom wheels. Stop by our showrooms in Fox Chapel or Castle Shannon, or contact us now.

The Gift That Truly Says (heart)

The Gift That Truly Says ❤

Show that special person in your life some love this Valentine’s Day with a remote starter. Practical yes…but we believe that you’ll score way more points than with a teddy bear or valentine boxer shorts. A remote starter is the ultimate way to show you care — you’ll know that you’re special someone is going to step into a warm and toasty vehicle. Team Nutz is the #1 place in Pittsburgh for remote starters. That’s because we care. We have the inventory, knowledge and customer service to ensure that your remote starter is properly installed, interfacing with your vehicle’s complex electronic systems. Plus, take advantage of the Team Nutz Starter Special for $129.99 – that’s installed! No hidden costs or fees, and we guarantee the upfront price quoted is the price you’ll pay. Contact us now.

>Another epic Valentine’s Day gift idea from Team Nutz — a gift certificate! Buy now!

>For the gear head in your life: see our mind-blowing array of electronics and accessories here.

Start the New Year with a Remote Starter

Start the New Year with a Remote Starter

Resolve to make your life easier this year with a remote starter. Totally avoid the hard-to-predict weather extremes — the frigid cold and the sweltering heat. There are a lot of options…digital or analog starters…with or without car alarms…some with smartphone apps…explore them with Team Nutz, as low as $129.99 installed.

Click here to learn more.

Contact us today for an install appointment.

Happy Holidays and a Prosperous 2017!

Happy Holidays and a Prosperous 2017!

We usually use our blog to educate and inform, but this month we want to TELL you about the hottest deals on great brand-name items for your car and home. Our showrooms in Fox Chapel and Castle Shannon are open until 1 p.m. on Christmas Eve… but don’t wait — quantities are limited and priced until 12/24/2016. Click below and SEE…

Team Nutz – Holiday Specials
TN Security – Holiday Specials

Making the Legal Case for Remote Starters

Making the Legal Case for Remote Starters

Did you know that warming up your unattended car in the winter is illegal in many states, including Pennsylvania, unless you have a remote starter? In PA, it’s a summary offense, which is a fine plus court costs. Thieves actively look for those telltale puffs of smoke coming from exhaust pipes of parked cars in the winter. So, if your car is stolen, there can be civil and even criminal liability for the reckless act of leaving a vehicle unattended while running. More than 700,000 vehicles are stolen in the United States each year, and up to half of the thefts can be blamed on driver error and, what’s more, only 50% of these stolen cars are recovered.

FAST FACT: According to Science Daily, today’s automobile is a highly sophisticated smart device with more than 100 microprocessors and 50 electronic control units. Its 100 million lines of software code are 50 times more than an F-22 Raptor military aircraft. That’s why when you want to buy a remote starter, you need to get expert installation from a certified installer. Contact the high-tech pros at Team Nutz now.

Gentlemen…Start Your Engines…from Anywhere in the World

Gentlemen…Start Your Engines…from Anywhere in the World

The newest remote starters integrate alarm technology, the ability to start your vehicle, and locate your car via live GPS all on your smartphone. SmartStart and Carlink 3-Gapps also lock/arm & unlock/disarm, remote start, release trunk, sound panic, and operate power windows and more via auxiliary channels – anywhere in Hi-tech dashboardthe world. These apps can also be programmed for multiple users in a family. No more worries about your teenager’s keys locked in her car at the mall, finding your ride at a Steelers game, and getting into a freezing or sweltering car.  Also don’t forget about a traditional remote starter – take advantage of the Team Nutz Starter Special for $129.99 – that’s installed!  Regardless of the system, we pay careful attention to how remote starter interfaces with the vehicle’s complex electronic systems. Your safety and confidence is paramount. Plus there are no hidden costs or fees. We guarantee that the upfront price quoted is the price you’ll pay. Contact us now.


Check out these recent articles:

The Wall Street Journal article “Is It a Car or a Computer?” and PC magazine’s “39 Ways to Soup Up Your Current Car With Tech.”

Window Tinting:  Protect Your Eyes and Skin

Window Tinting:  Protect Your Eyes and Skin

According to PennDOT, window tint for sedans, SUVs and vans can allow no less than 70 percent of visible light through the windshield, front and back side windows, and rear window with no mirrored or metallic appearance.  But here are all the important reasons why you need to add window tinting to your vehicle. Window tinting decreases heat, reduces fading, Red SUV with tinted windowsoffers skin protection, cuts glare from sun and snow, increases safety, and enhances vehicle appearance.  Most important, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet A (UV-A) rays can raise the odds for skin cancer and cataracts, especially through the side windows which offer less UV-A protection than the windshield. The good news is that Team Nutz can apply window tint year-round. We have three trained professionals on staff and provide lifetime warranty on cracking, peeling, and fading. Team Nutz is authorized dealers of Johnson Window Films and Solar Guard Window Films. These films have special UV inhibitors engineered to block 99 percent of UV-A and UV-B rays. Contact us now at our Fox Chapel or Castle Shannon locations for an appointment.



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