Detail Cleaning of Your Car, RV or Boat Adds Pleasure to Being Outside

Detail Cleaning of Your Car, RV or Boat Adds Pleasure to Being Outside

Car care concept, detailing and cleaning of interior back seats at luxury modern cars

Whether you own a car, RV or a boat, May’s warmer temperatures (we hope!) make this month a great time to get your vehicle or craft detail-cleaned so you can get the most out of your leisure time.

The advantages of detailing your car, RV or boat include:

  • Restoring Exterior & Interior to Original Condition
  • Extending Operating Life
  • Increasing Your Enjoyment
  • Retaining Resale Value

If you’re leasing a car or RV, detailing can help you reduce or eliminate lease-return penalties resulting from not maintaining the vehicle sufficiently.

If you’re a boat owner, detailing can help you find small problems with the hull so you can fix them before they get bigger and more expensive to remedy.

Common misunderstandings about detailing are that it’s washing & waxing (cars & RVs) or cleaning & rinsing (boats) that you could do just as well yourself, and that it’s unaffordable.

At Team Nutz, we offer options to fit every budget, and the quality of our work will make you glad you chose us.

As a result of your smart decision, you’ll have more time to enjoy scenic roads, rivers and lakes in a car, RV or boat that looks and feels good-as-new.  

During the month of May, get 10% off all detailing packages.  Make an appointment or call 412.882.8346 in Castle Shannon or 412.967.0460 in Fox Chapel.

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