Wet Sanding

  • (For 10-Year-Old or Older Boats Poorly maintained)
  • Service includes:
  • Heavy Oxidation Requires Wet Sanding
  • Wet Sanding requires Gold Service to restore finish

Boat Wash Packages


  • (For Boats 10 Years or Older Fairly maintained Medium Oxidation)
  • Service includes:
  • Bronze & Silver package
  • Plus the additional step of a 3M Heavy Compound Buffing to restore Medium Oxidation

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  • (For boats 5 Years to 10 Years Old Average maintained, light oxidation)
  • Service includes:
  • Bronze package
  • Plus the additional step of a hand wax with Wax after one step light compound & polish

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  • (For brand new boats through 5-year-old boats well maintained)
  • Service includes:
  • Boat washed off with pressure washer
  • Washed with diluted degreasing soap to remove old wax
  • Rinsed off with hose
  • Completely Dried
  • Buffed with One Step Light Compound & Polish
  • Remove all wax residue
  • Washed with wax safe soap and water
  • Rinsed with rinse agent wax
  • Rinsed off with hose
  • Completely dried
  • Windows cleaned with glass cleaner and dried
  • Service is for the exterior of boat only, no cockpits

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