All-In-One Parking Assist Sytem from Steelmate

All-In-One Parking Assist Sytem from Steelmate

PTSV401 & IPWRXTX1 – Parking Assist System with 4 Rear-mounted Sensors a Micro Camera and the unique Video Overlay, combining Image, Voice, and Distance, On-Screen in the Monitor or In-Dash Radio / Navigation unit. This is combined with the Wireless Video Sending System V.I.E.W. (Video In Existing Wiring), to create an easy to install video backup solution.

Cerritos, CA (02.21.12) – Steelmate USA presents its top-of-the-line parking assist system that combines the ultrasonic sensors and video camera output to create the ultimate in backup protection. The unit has 4 rear sensors and displays the distance from an object in feet on the video screen. The unit also features Voice and audible alerts, and is compatible with any In-Dash video unit or Monitor, that has a composite video input. The unit is also combined with the Wireless Video system for an easy installation solution.

Designed to work in all weather conditions (-40 to +185F) sensor range is 1.0 to 8.4feet. The unit has an auto self-test function and the volume of both the voice and audible BEEP are adjustable.

John Lombard

John Lombard, STEELMATEs national sales manager, stated to “Our dealers are finding niche markets. This 4 camera product was a natural for an RV rental business. Individuals who rent RV’s are generally not accustomed to driving a large vehicle. The STEELMATE camera installation was a natural.”

For more information on the complete line of STEELMATE products or to become a dealer, contact John Lombard at

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