Alpine Aligns with Speaker Box Makers

Alpine announced at the Consumer Electronics Show last week that it has aligned with several speaker enclosure makers who will offer specific boxes to fit Alpine speakers.

Alpine logoAtrend, Bassworx and Sound Ordnance are participating in the Alpine program where a segment of their lines will be “Tuned for Alpine” enclosures.

Also, this year, Alpine’s standard 12-inch and 10-inch subwoofers will now use the same enclosure requirements, so one box will fit most models.

Retailers will no longer have to shop around to find a perfectly matched enclosure, and customers will get enclosures that optimize the sound of their speakers, said Alpine. Also now retailers may inventory one box to fit most speakers.

“A correctly sized and tuned subwoofer box enclosure is essential for the subwoofer’s best performance. Alpine’s new subwoofers now all share the same small sealed and ported enclosure requirements. This will make it easier for retailers to suggest the correct box for their customers, and customers will have peace of mind knowing their Alpine subwoofer will perform as expected,” said Alpine.

Alpine is releasing 12 subwoofer models this year. All Alpine 10-inch subwoofers now require a sealed enclosure of only 0.50-.75 cubic feet or a vented enclosure of only 1.0-1.25 cubic feet at 35-38 hertz. Alpine 12-inch subwoofers will use a sealed enclosure of only 0.75-1.00 cubic feet or a vented enclosure of 1.25–1.50 cubic feet at 32–35 hertz. These specifications are applicable for standard size subwoofers (not the thin subwoofers).

Source: Alpine Electronics

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