AR.Drone Orange/Yellow Quadricopter with WiFi® for iPhone®/Android™

1st quadricopter to be controlled by an iPhone®, iPod® touch, iPad® or Android™–download App for use
Military-grade technology that ensures total stability and control
Generates its own WiFi® network so that it can connect with the smartphone
Front camera streams all that the copter “sees” right on connected display
Autopilot function stabilizes the copter at an 80-centimeter altitude for easy take-off and landing every time
If connection is lost the copter, autopilot takes over for a soft and safe landing
Powerful processing helps to create an augmented gaming environment
Players can create a game party for multiplayer game experience to play against each other
Features air-to-air missiles, interactive targeting systems and fiery explosions
Dual ultrasonic altimeters, 3-axis accelerometer, multiple gyroscopes and an embedded Linux platform
Full aerodynamic hull shield protects it from impacts that occur during wild indoor battles while streamlined hull is aerodynamic for greater control
Made of carbon fiber and high-resistance plastic for durability–all parts can be changed for easy repair
Includes rechargeable Li-poly battery

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