Auto Magic Detail Chemicals and Products

We Make the Highest Quality Auto Detailing Products in the Industry.

Auto Magic products are known in the professional car wash and auto detailing industry as the premium leader of reconditioning products for 50 years. Auto Magic products are made from the highest quality materials, produce incredible results, and are user-friendly. Auto Magic is distributed by our professional independent distributors worldwide. We are committed to providing the best car care products, services, and solutions!

AWC manufactures and distributes over 100 signature reconditioning products under the Auto Magic® trademark. AWC products are recommended for their high level of consistent quality, user friendliness, and environmentally safe formulations. Automotive manufacturers such as Ford, Toyota and Isuzu have embraced AWC’s reconditioning standards into their own certified used vehicle programs. To ensure our products are keeping up with the changes in the industry, we continually visit with our consumers to identify new products and techniques to solve new-world problems. AWC accepts the challenge to continue to develop innovative products and solutions to serve the ever-changing automotive aftermarket. As vehicle paints, fabrics, plastics, and other surfaces evolve, so do our products. With 9 active patents and 2 patents pending, AWC will continue to drive growth through innovative products and strategic marketing.

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