AutoMagic Updates

NEW & IMPROVED High Gloss Carnauba Spray Wax!

Watermelon Magic Mist – #96

We also added a new 5 gallon size, #96-5!

New & Improved Watermelon Magic Mist adds instant gloss to clearcoat paint, chrome, wheels and painted plastic panels. Fortified with more carnauba wax, it’s ideal for use between regular waxing to enhance the original shine. Great for removing light dust, fingerprints and smudges. A product must-have for the showroom! Water-based formula. VOC Compliant.


NEW Aerosol!
Interior Detailer – #82-S

Non-Greasy, Quick-Drying Matte Finish

VOC Compliant!

New Interior Detailer is a quick and easy-to-use product used to enhance and recondition the appearance of dash boards, vents, moldings and consoles not made of rubber or vinyl. Quick drying matte finish with a fresh scent. Greaseless and streakless. VOC Compliant.

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