Hummer H1 Delivery

Hummer H1 Delivered. Brand new Interior conversion from Tan to Black. Custom made door panels, dashboard and center console. Paint correction completed with Automagic PC123. Alpine Touch Screen Stereo. Touch ups on paint with BASF.

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Marine GPS

Marine GPS
shutterstock_1126121369As we experience boating weather in the Northeast, and are excited about getting out on waterways, you must consider the importance
of a good nautical GPS.

These units can be larger and more elaborate than automotive and outdoor ones since they are often mounted to a boat’s dashboard. Exact positioning is very important to naval navigation. For this reason, marine GPS units need to combine the accuracy of automobile units with the reception of outdoor units. Boaters depend on these systems for their position information where at sea it is typically much harder to determine exact location. Marine GPS units also often provide other important services such as weather information and other important maritime communications. Unpredictable weather at sea can be a life-threatening concern depending on the size of the craft and the time of year. As such, some units offer specialty features like the ability to “see” the ocean floor below via sounding technology or the use of sonar to locate sea life.

TeamNutz is certified in Marine Electronics through the American Boat Yacht Council (ABYC).

3 Top Ways to Upgrade Your Car Stereo System


3 Top Ways to Upgrade Your Car Stereo System

Father’s Day present? Karaoke in the car? Drive-time commute? Vacation road trip? A reinvestment in your car’s factory-installed audio system will make any trip even more pleasurable (or bearable).


1. Head Unit

The primary component of a car stereo is the head unit. Whether it’s a basic single-DIN CD/radio or a double-DIN 12-inch touchscreen, the head unit is the control center of your system, giving you access to all audio sources and allowing you to future proof it for new playback options. Even though OEM head units feature GPS tracking, Bluetooth for hands-free talking, satellite radio, and USB inputs for streaming through mobile devices, they probably don’t include internet radio, MirrorLink technology, digital time correction, parametric equalization, surround sound, and other music file formats such as MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, and PCM.

2. Amplifier

The amplifier boosts the power of your audio signals in two stages – preamplifier and power amplifier – which give you better quality sound. The preamplifier takes the audio signals from the sources and boosts the signal to send to the power amplifier to create sound and volume
without distortion. All factory-installed sound systems have small amplifiers to power the speakers. But outboard amplifiers are separate from the head unit and provide more power to the speakers and better sound quality.

3. Speakers

Even a late model car with a premium infotainment system can still provide a so-so audio experience. The way to begin your new car audio system journey is with new premium speakers made of high quality materials, which will result in a huge improvement over factory sound. Whether it’s new front speakers or component speakers, they’ll need to be integrated with the head unit. Adding a subwoofer will provide you with richer bass. A digital sound processor will improve the sound from all of your speakers. Whether your road to an upgraded car audio system is done in steps or custom, make Team Nutz your source for the highest-rated products from Pioneer, Kenwood, our own TN Sounds brand, and more, plus top-notch Team Nutz installation. We also offer three- and five-year warranties and special financing.

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The Importance of Boat Detailing

The Importance of Boat Detailing

shutterstock_1104487391Boating gives great pleasure to you and your friends and family. Yet keeping it clean can be a full-time job. Give your investment the care it and you deserve with mobile detailing. Professional cleaning is imperative because your vessel is exposed to changing weather and conditions. Your boat is made of a diverse range of materials, fiberglass, paint, wood, metal, glass – each one needs to be cleaned or detailed in a different way, step by meticulous step. That’s just the exterior protection. Interior cleaning requires special attention to maintain and sanitize leather, vinyl, carpet, and more. Only a professional detailer has the necessary tools and specialized cleaning solutions to do the job. Washing and shining the boat to remove oxidation, which contributes to fade, rust and corrosion, is at the top of the list. Having it done regularly is key to proper boat maintenance.  You’re the captain of your ship. Start the season with a boat that looks showroom clean and new, and smells clean, too, with our Aqua-Fog Odor Eliminator.

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The Four Top Advantages of Detailing Your Car This Spring

The Four Top Advantages of Detailing Your Car This Spring &
How Are You Going to Spend Your Tax Deduction?



Before spring fever kicks in…it’s time to do a spring cleaning on your car. Now’s a great time to get your vehicle detail-cleaned so that you can make the very most of these warmer months.

According to a survey, 28 percent of respondents blamed their messy car on the rain and snow, 26 percent on drive-thru food and drinks, and 18 percent on their kids.



Here are four top advantages of detailing your car:

  1. Restoring Exterior & Interior to Original Condition
  2. Extending Operating Life
  3. Increasing Your Enjoyment
  4. Retaining Resale Value

If you’re leasing a car, detailing can help you reduce or eliminate lease-return penalties resulting from not maintaining the vehicle sufficiently.

One of the Best Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

The average federal tax refund is about $3,000, according to the IRS and a third of all Americans spend their refund on an auto-related purchase.  What about upgrading your car?

A professional detailing is an obvious first choice. But what about clearing foggy headlights, repairing interior rips and tears, new floor mats, new tires and custom rims, remote starter, audio upgrade, window film, paint protection film, or custom leather seats?

Spring is a time of renewal and for extra cash from IRS refund.  So, renew your car and your spirit with Team Nutz. We’re western Pennsylvania’s #1 source for keeping your ride clean and like new. Whether it’s detailing or window film or remote starter, Team Nutz has quality options to fit every budget.

During April, get 10% off all detailing packages. Team Nutz also offers financing, with 90 days same as cash. Stop at our showroom on 3287 Library Road in Castle Shannon, just a 5-minute drive from the intersection of Rt. 88 and Rt. 51. Call 412-882-8346 or contact us today.

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