BMW announced today that drivers of vehicles equipped with BMW Online will be able to access Yelp in their cars.

That’s right, the love-it or hate-it user-contributed review site is the latest app to make it into BMW’s suite of application integrations. But this time, drivers will be able to Yelp with or without an iPhone.

Thanks to a change earlier this month with BMW Online, drivers will be able to download the Yelp application directly to their vehicles. Unlike Pandora and Mog app integrations, users won’t need to have or use their iPhone to access Yelp. Until now, Android, Windows Phone, and other handset users have been left in the cold when it comes to playing with the latest infotainment apps in their car. But now the app will be available on the new Applications screen that was added with the BMW Online update.
Listings in BMW Yelp app.

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