BMW Plans Car Radio Control Seats

The car radio controls of the future may not be located in the radio, but in the very fabric of the car seat.

BMW is already planning to install “touch screen fabric” in the seats of future car models, according to New Scientist.

Photo credit: New Scientist
The seat can include soft polymer-based fibers that weave into fabric. The fibers have electrical properties that can change when touched in different places, according to researcher Maksim Skorobogativ of the Polytechnic School in Montreal Canada.

The seat becomes “a smartphone experience in textile form,” he said.

The fibers respond to a touch or swipe and the university team of researchers were able to write software that could pinpoint where the material had been touched so it can track movement. “This means that finger movements such as swipes and touches can be logged and used to control the air-conditioning, say, or the volume on the radio,” said Skorobogativ.

And we were just getting used to steering wheel controls….

Source: New Scientist via Forbes

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