Digital HD TV

Digital HD TV

Glomex – TV Antennas

TV Antenna Kits include antenna, amplifier and cables. Available with gain control, bypass or A/B switching amplifiers. Or, choose the Community TV system for reception for up to 6 TV sets.  Standard equipment on finer sportboats and motor yachts, Glomex omnidirectional marine radio/TV antennas deliver superior performance on over-the-air TV broadcasts. Available as complete kits (comprising TV antenna, amplifier and cabling) or as individual components to enable a customized solution for your boat. Look within for all TV specific Glomex products: TV antennas, amplifiers, mounts, connections, cables, accessories and other marine radio antennas. All Glomex products include a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Shakespeare Antenna – Sea Watch

You get plenty of choices with the omnidirectional SeaWatch® 2025 Marine TV antenna system. Its sophisticated design lets you adjust its amplification for best picture quality. Crank up the Gain to a full +20dB where the stations are weak, or attenuate -10dB where the signals are strong. A convenient knob on its control panel makes adjustment easy. The panel offers a wide choice of mounting options. You can flush mount it, surface mount it, or attach it to the set-top. You choose!
The Style 2025’s antenna head is as mechanically advanced as its controller. Simply clamp it onto any 1in diameter pipe, extension mast, or straight mount. As an added convenience, this sleek and stylish Marine TV antenna also provides an Auxiliary Input for Cable or Satellite. When the 2025 is turned off, the auxiliary input is automatically connected to the TV. This unique and handy feature eliminates the external A/B switches required by other systems.
The 2025 comes complete with AC wall Adapter, 30 feet of ultra low loss RG-59 coax and gold-plated, screw-on F-type connectors.


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