Boyo APASSTOUCH is now in stock

It’s an interior front windshield mounted touch pad which functions through the glass allowing locking and unlocking of doors. Boyo has offered us introductory pricing and we are passing along savings to our dealers. I can continue to buy them at same price for some time so let make sure your dealers know about this neat little device.

– Touch sensor type
– Intelligent Software (Rainy, Snow, Hot, Cold weather)
– Scanner function (Blue color LED)
– Simple install inside the window
– Pin code (4-10 digits)
– Simple to change the Pin code
– Touch sound (Option)
– Slim and compact size
Lock up the keys on purpose prior to doing physical activity-such as swimming, hiking, jogging,
camping. Unlock the car by using the A-Pass Touch afterwards.
Multiple Drivers to one Vehicle
If someone borrowed your car, he/she can return the car and hide the
keys INSIDE the car and lock /arm the door using the A-Pass Touch.
You can come back to your car at anytime and get access to your car
without having to make plans to meet the person to get the keys.

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