Car Alarms and Security


Is your car parked outside or away from your sight? Worried about losing valuable items in your vehicle? Team Nutz LLC can help you protect your vehicle with a security system to help deter thieves. The elimination of theft in your area may never be stopped but we can help to reduce the risks of becoming a victim. Highly trained technicians at Team Nutz LLC are kept up to date and trained with the new wiring diagrams and instructions for all new vehicles.

At home asleep away from your vehicle, ask Team Nutz LLC sales reps about the latest Two Way Paging alarms. When you are not in range to hear your alarms siren, your 2-way paging remote can extend the range of hearing your car alarm in some areas up to 3000 feet.

Not sure if you locked your doors: Car Link from Audiovox allows you to lock your vehicle doors from a smart phone from across the country. Receive emails or Text messages when there is an event with your vehicles alarm.

Team Nutz also offers all the most advanced Alarm Sensors and Accessories Including: Tilt Sensors, Dual Stage Shock Sensors, Remote Starters, Window Automation, High decibel Piercing Siren and Air Horns.

Worried if your car gets stolen, how will you find it? Ask us about the latest in GPS Tracking as low as $249.99. Track the every movement of your vehicle from home. Have a disobedient child or employee that you want to track there drive. Install a GPS Tracking Unit and know where they are at by Email or Text.

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