Mobile Video

Mobile Video

Over the past few years, mobile video systems have become a highly requested item to add to our daily driving experience. Options within these systems are endless; from high tech video systems with gaming options, to flip down monitors to assist the family on long vacation drives, to multi screen systems.

Team Nutz LLC has a mobile video solution for any vehicle and any need. Screens are only the beginning, the accessories for these screens are endless. Multiple DVD Players, AC Power options for game systems (such as Xbox to Playstation), and wireless headphones are just a few options which can be added for comfort.  Have an Ipod or Ipad:  Team Nutz can integrate this into your vehicle Monitors.

OEM In-Dash monitors can be converted into DVD playing entertainment systems.  Need a rear view monitor, we have it.  Need a Camera to monitor a baby seat, we have it.  Want a DVR to record your driving view, we have it.  Need a thermal image or night vision camera, we have it.  Need satelite tv on the go, we have it.

Team Nutz has the most up to date technology when it comes to Mobile Video and electronics




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