Safety & Convenience

Safety & Convenience

Backup Camera

This safety and convenience system is perfect for any vehicle with a rear mounted tire, off centered license plate or for the person who is always towing something behind their vehicle.  Camera’s can be added to your Rear View Mirror, Factory Navigation System, Aftermarket Navigation, Windshield mounted or Dashboard mounted screens.  Contact your Team Nutz Sales Representative to see what option best fits you.

Parking Back up Sensor System

Add on for any vehicle.  Let our parking sensor system help detect what you can’t see when backing up your vehicle. This detection system works in all weather conditions with ultrasonic technology to alert you with a beeping tone when you are with just 6 feet from a person or object The bar houses 3 ultrasonic sensors which can be mounted below, above or on the license as well as mounted on or below the bumper.
– 3 parking sensors give full range detection up to 6 feet behind the vehicle

– Heavy duty chrome bar mounts below or on the bumper, or below, above or on the license plate

– Automatically activates when vehicle is put into reverse

– Audible warning beeps faster as you get closer to the obstacle


Collision Avoidance

The Backstopper™ CA-5020 is a front and rear impact warning sensor system designed to aid the driver not only when backing up the vehicle but also when pulling forward. The system includes a colorful dash board mounted LED digital display with a four sensor direction indicator and (8) ultra-sonic sensors for front and back signaling. The crystal-clear LED digital display comes with a four-sensor direction indicator which will also indicate when it is the front or the rear sensors detecting the obstruction.


Mobile eye can help detect:  Lane Departure, Forward Collision Monitoring, Headway Monitoring, Speed Indication, Intelligent High Beam and Pedestrian Collision Monitoring.  Using sophisticated vision algorithms, Mobileye’s collision avoidance technology is able to ‘interpret’ a scene in real-time and provide drivers with an immediate evaluation based on its analysis. Automakers are now adopting this technology into their rapidly expanding safety feature applications known as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Wilson Cell Phone Signal Booster

Wilson offers products to solve your cellular signal problem. Our vast line of cellular signal boosters provide the solution for any situation, including, mobile, building or Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications.

Wilson’s cell phone signal boosters overcome the problem of dropped calls, limited range and slow data rates for cell phones and data cards by amplifying weak cellular signals. Our cell signal boosters are able to pick up weak cellular signals from a cell tower and transmit them to your cellular device, and then transmit a more powerful signal back to the tower. Wilson’s products are available as easy to use plug-and-play kits, or you can custom configure your own cellular repeater system for your unique application by choosing specific Wilson boosters, antennas and cellular accessories from Team Nutz.



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