CES: Delphi Links Anti-Distraction to Car Radio

Delphi showed off a new car radio system at CES that is intricately linked to anti-driver distraction features.

The concept infotainment system includes cameras that “watch” the eye movement of the driver. If he focuses too long on the display in the dashboard, the display will go blank.

Delphi Concept Dash at CES 2012Where last year, concept dashboards from Tier 1 OEMS were filled with tablet PCs, this year the focus was clearly on safety and the tablet cars were harder to find.

“We tied our entertainment package into a radar/camera system. We have all these safety concerns…we’re taking it to the next level integrating them into a real system solution,” said a Delphi spokesman.

If the driver fails to look at the road for more than a few seconds he sees a red flash on the dashboard, and if he continues to look elsewhere, the dash display in the center console (with radio and smartphone controls as shown in photo on left) will go dark.

In December the National Transportation Safety Board recommended banning all cellphone use in the car, even when used with a hands free device, to prevent driver distraction. Although not expected to become law, the recommendation has put the driver distraction issue front and center.

“With everything going on; with all the attention it’s getting, this is our way to best address the situation,” said the Delphi spokesman.

Moreover, Delphi’s system “knows” when the driver should be in a high attention state and a low attention state. So when he’s flooring it in the left lane, the car’s algorithms know to block an incoming text from the dash display. But if he’s crawling in traffic, the text will come in.

Delphi’s system also allows various advanced voice searches via natural speech and has a connection to cloud services.

The system uses 4 cameras and 3 radar sensors.

Again, this is a concept, but the tying in of driver safety systems to the car infotainment system, is something the aftermarket may want to note.

Source: CEoutlook

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