Choosing an aftermarket audio system

Looking for a New Audio System?

As new car prices continue to rise in a slow economy, many consumers are choosing to hang onto their current cars longer or purchase previously owned cars.

Here are a few key factors to consider when selecting a car audio system.

Have a plan

Maybe you’ve done this before. Maybe you haven’t. But make a plan in any case that involves budget requirements. You may think you can save money by doing it yourself, but in addition to spending money on the actual car audio system, you have to factor in your time to install it, and other incidentals such as purchasing mounting units and amp wiring, etc.

What fits in your vehicle?

Obviously, you don’t want to have to make alterations to your car. Measure the space allotted for the radio and speakers. Take off the speaker blanket and measure length and width. Sometimes you will find aftermarket options by type of vehicle, but do measure yourself to be sure. Or trust the professional to help you with this.

Choose the right shop

Search around to find the right retailer for your car audio. Pittsburgh offers great options. And many will tell you that the shop is often as important as the parts. Check online surveys and customer reviews. Is the retailer a sanctioned merchant for the brands they are selling? Are the installers professional? What are their work rates, guarantees and certifications?

Try to work with the existing system

One final thing—keep the manufacturer’s radio so that you can swap it back in if you sell the car. Also, you don’t want to modify the existing set-up or make it too difficult to replace back should you need to sell the car or rent it. We recommend that you keep the processing plant head unit, for example.

Do your homework

As with any project, the more knowledgable you are about what you want and what works with your vehicle, and the better plan you have in place, while using a shop you trust, the happier you’ll be.

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