Clarion Intro’s Pandora Car Radio at $129 SRP

Clarion is adding its name to the handful of car radio suppliers offering Pandora control, with an aggressively priced CD/radio that ships this month at a suggested retail price of $129.99–one of the lowest price tags for Pandora car radios.

Clarion CZ102 with Pandora controlThe CZ202 Pandora-ready radio is one of 2 Clarion 2012 units unveiled at the SEMA show in Las Vegas this week.

It provides a front USB slot with a sliding cover and iPod/iPhone direct control from the radio via USB. It permits steering wheel control and has 2v/4 channel RCA outputs. Built in power is 45 by 4 watts. It also has a detachable control panel and auxiliary input.

To our knowledge, Sony has been the current price leader in Pandora car radios at $129 MAP price.

Clarion’ s step down CZ102 model strips out Pandora control, a USB input and iPod/iPhone control via USB. It gives you a front auxiliary input and CD-R/CDRW/MP3/WMA disc compatibility. It is also steering wheel control ready with 45 watt by 4 power and outputs for rear speakers/subwoofer. The CD radio has a detachable control panel and it will ship this month at $99.99.

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