Concept Expands Chameleon to Overhead Video

Concept is expanding its “chameleon” system that lets you choose the textile covers for your headrest/video monitor and now offering the feature on overhead monitors.
Concept CFD-101

Concept CFD-101

The company also announced it won 3 patents for its interchangeable cosmetic design system for headrest monitors.

Shipping this month are 2 overhead monitors that let you switch between 3 covers (black, gray and tan) to match your car’s interior. They use either 13.3-inch or 10.1-inch flip down digital screens with LED backlighting. Suggested retail prices are $579 for the larger CFD-133 model and $489 for the CFD-101.

Also new are 2 “chameleon” headrest monitors with 9-inch digital LCD panels with LED backlighting and soft touch control buttons. They also accommodate 3 different covers and they come with adjustable poles to fit almost every car. A model CLD-902 has a built-in DVD player for $459 suggested retail price and the CLS-902 comes without a disc player at $349.

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