Directed Launches Push-to-Start Protection

Directed announced a new protection system for push-to-start vehicles so that owners don’t mistakenly leave the vehicles running for hours or days, as can be the case.

Directed DB-ALLPush-to-start cars run so quietly that it’s easy for a driver to exit the car while the engine is still on.

Directed’s protection system is now built into an Xpresskit DB-ALL databus interface, which works with a remote starter or which can be installed as a standalone unit.

“If the driver leaves the vehicle idling and walks away with the fob, the horn will honk to alert them,” says Peter Fazi, VP Business Development. “In addition, EIPS will turn the idling engine off at the driver’s pre-set time.”

When installing the unit, the dealer performs the usual configuration and firmware-flashing steps on and can enable the new protection feature called Engine Idle Protection System (EIPS). He sets the run time and the horn-honk alerts.

Xpresskit DB-ALL carries a suggested retail price of $129.

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