Directus Adds Navi to Chevy Equinox

DIRECTUS released its latest version Prodigy One system; this time for the Chevrolet Equinox. The product is unusual in that it adds navigation and other high tech features to the dash, without replacing the factory radio.

The DIRECTUS system includes a 6.5 inch color motorized “pop-up” display with full touch screen ability and navigation. It has a built-in media player so users can watch videos while parked. Drivers may also add optional modules for Bluetooth, backup camera, WiFi and radar detection.

“This is a way Chevrolet owners can get navigation and more, through a large screen after the vehicle has been built” said Brad Chapple, DIRECTUS, CEO. “This kit brings features and functionality customers are asking for. The kit allows for car dealers and expeditors, the ability to add navigation and more after the vehicle has been delivered to the dealership.”

It offers navigation on a 4GB SD card and comes with a full mounting kit. Other optional additions include a USB hub, 3G adaptor, and vehicle tracking kit.

The Prodigy One kit is currently available at $1,699 suggested retail price and can be installed in many 2010 -2012 Chevrolet Equinox vehicles.


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