Directus Intro’s First Car Kit with MirrorLink (Terminal Mode)

Directus’ new Prodigy One Pro is the first aftermarket car kit to offer MirrorLink (formerly Terminal Mode) to virtually “mirror” apps on your smartphone screen directly on a car LCD screen.
Mirror Link in Toyota Europe OEM radio

MirrorLink in a European Toyota OEM radio credit: CNET

It’s part of the Directus kit that can add verbal texting, navigation, Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G and other functions to an existing car radio system.

Directus has offered a simpler version of the Prodigy One for about a year, but the updated Prodigy One Pro, on display at the SEMA show this week, adds MirrorLink and several apps. There’s a mapping app, and a text app that reads aloud your text messages and lets you answer by voice. There is also a Match Local app that’s like a “drive by Groupon.” If you are passing a Starbucks, it can send you a 10 percent off coupon for a latte.

Popular Mechanics selected the Prodigy One Pro with MirrorLink for an Editor’s Choice Award during SEMA, said Directus’ Dennis Hopper.
Directus Prodigy One in Volvo

Original Prodigy One by Directus Shown in a Volvo

Only approved apps show up in MirrorLink under the Directus system.

To achieve the MirrorLink function, Directus teamed up with CELIO Technology Corp. to use their REDFLY software for the Prodigy One Pro.

Presently, MirrorLink will work only with an Android phone but Directus is working on adding mirror capability for the iPhone.

The Prodigy One Pro kit comes in a modular package with a central “brain” that gives you navigation, 3G modem, apps and MirrorLink. From there users can add options for almost any way to upgrade their radio. There are options for Bluetooth, WiFi, a radar detector and 4-camera digital video recorder with night vision. There’s also options for Mobile DTV (ATSC m/h digital TV) and GPS tracking.

The new kit has also been updated to Android 2.3 (from Windows CE) and should be available in the first quarter 2012 at prices that vary with the vehicle application. A kit for a Pioneer radio may cost $899, while a Cadillac kit may cost about $3,500, said Directus.

The Prodigy One Pro can work with aftermarket radios including Pioneer, Kenwood, Clarion and Jensen models as well as OEM radios in Chrysler, Dodge, FIAT, Nissan, Infiniti, Cadillac, SCION, Volvo, VW and GM models. It may also work in systems using Gentex rear view mirrors.

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