Directus to Launch Add-A-Nav

Directus is re-branding its universal version of Prodigy One that adds features to most car audio systems and re-launching it under the name Add-A-Nav this spring.

Directus Add-A-Nav
The system is now a stripped down version of Prodigy One, which, as the name implies, adds only navigation to just about any aftermarket car radio or factory screen with a video input. Users then get control over navigation through a separate remote control.

Directus says it hopes to “open up people’s minds to what screens are out there that we can add navigation to. There are literally hundreds of possibilities.” Even difficult cars from Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi will accept Add-A-Nav, said Directus VP Sales Dennis Hopper.

Add-A-Nav will also work with some rear view mirror/monitors including OnStar. It carries a suggested retail price of $699.

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