Speaker and Subwoofers

Speaker and Subwoofers

Custom Installed Speakers


The heartbeat of every speaker system can be felt in the quality of its sound. EMPHASYS speakers are designed by a select group of experienced engineers who love the feeling of outstanding sound as much as you do. It’s why they place a premium on sound quality over specs—and performance over hype. Not sometimes or occasionally—but every time. And isn’t that what you really want? Hear the EMPHASYS difference everytime you turn them on.

Each item you choose for your home is a reflection of your taste and style. That’s why each of our loudspeakers has a form that respects and enhances the investment you have in your home. EMPHASYS products are fashioned by a highly recognized team of industrial designers whose passion for cutting-edge design is matched only by their respect for the time-honored basics. The result: great design that perfectly complements the style of your life

Jamo speaks to your senses and stirs your emotions. Our speakers are an innovative balance of style and function that integrate beautifully into your space.


In a world where we experience compromise more often than perfection, meet the exception that proves the rule: Proficient. It’s more than just impeccable design and superb sound; it’s even more important than any one thing we build in on the assembly line. Simply put: what makes us Proficient is a complete lack of compromise. No-compromise sound; no-compromise design and no-compromise customer support. These are the enduring set of values that makes owning Proficient home audio components an uncompromising experience.

Proficient is the brand that can supply every piece of audio equipment that you need. We have 7.1 home theater receivers, multiroom and stereo receivers. Color LCD keypads & iPod® docks. In-ceiling, in-wall, on-wall, outdoor and bookshelf speakers as well as subwoofers. And a complete selection of accessories. And now, you can enjoy the simplicity of having all your audio gear from a single brand. You’ll get ultra-reliable performance — for which Proficient Audio is known — plus a stack of audio gear that shares the same great look.


Klipsch, one of the first U.S. loudspeaker companies, has been building premium speakers since 1946. When Paul W. Klipsch, one of America’s most celebrated audio pioneers and Engineering and Science Hall of Fame inductee—founded Klipsch & Associates, he was hand-building every speaker inside a tin shed in Hope, Arkansas.

Paul Klipsch was a relentless perfectionist who spearheaded the Hi-Fi movement with the company’s foundation product: theKlipschorn (still manufactured today). A true music lover, Paul’s ultimate goal was to reproduce the excitement of a live orchestra performance in his living room.


Many more options to chose from.


In wall Speakers

In Wall speakers are great for that theater room or just want to have speakers out of the way.  These great sounding speakers give a clean install without visible wiring.




In Ceiling Speakers

This speaker is recommended for larger rooms or those with high ceilings. The 6.5CS delivers the rich bass from polypropylene woofer, and crystal clear reproduction of high frequencies from the tweeter.




Outdoor Speakers

Relaxing outside in the summer is one of your favorite enjoyable things, how about a little back ground music to set the mood without having those big box speakers mounted to the wall or on the table.  Hide these speakers in the garden to set the mood.

Why should music be confined to the indoors? Was Woodstock indoors? You deserve to enjoy music everywhere: sunbathing by the pool, playing in the yard with the kids or even tending the garden.

With Audio outdoor speakers, you never have to give up great sound no matter where you wander around your



Nothing makes as big an improvement in an audio system as adding a subwoofer. Only a good subwoofer can convey the impacts of movie sound effects, the groove of a great bassist and the power of a big kick drum.



Wall Mounted Speakers

If you don’t have a home theater, you’re not experiencing the full emotional impact of movies, games and TV shows. There’s nothing like the impact of 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound to make you feel like you’re part of the action.







Book Shelf Speakers

Sophisticated styling. Sophisticated sound. From a tiny bookshelf system in the bedroom to a state-of-the-art 7.1-channel dedicated home theater. Speakers that do anything and everything you’d want speakers to do.


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