Escort’s 9500ci Leads the Way

High profit potential – low initial investment. This is the scenario successful business owners seek. Escort and Beltronics provide this template for 12volt specialty retailers.

“The radar/laser category can be, and should be, a significant category and profit center for independent 12volt retailers” dB South president David Smith related to Adding Smith commented “The Escort 9500ci is the ultimate radar/laser detector. Specialty retailers who market this unit are realizing the profit potential this top-of-the line unit presents.”

The Lambo LP670-4 on the show floor.

Steve Kingsley, Custom Car Stereo-Houston, told “The Escort 9500ci is a unit we are very familiar with at our store – we probably average two 9500ci custom installations per week. Through our company’s history we have developed a strong relationship with Escort. Our customers, many with exotic and high dollar luxury vehicles, know we have a reputation for selling and installing the highest quality, best performing equipment. Escort is that product in the radar/laser category.”

Houston based Custom Car Stereo operates a 21,000 sq foot facility with 18 installation bays.

Kingsley added “Working on Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes and BMW brands takes knowledge and skill. Installing an Escort 9500ci is a big win for all.”

Brian Tolley, Team Sales, told “As a rep firm we do very well with Escort. There are so many options. The 9500ci sells amazingly well considering most custom installations dictate several hours of a technician’s time and many invoices total over $2K.

Darrell Dickinson, Stereo Designs – Ardmore, OK observed “We recently sold and installed two 9500ci”s. On the windshield units are steady sellers for us too. At year’s end the volume, and profit dollars, we do with Escort adds up.

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