Fall is Ideal Season to Tint Your Car Windows

Fall is Ideal Season to Tint Your Car Windows

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As summer heat gives way to the cool, crisp autumn weather, conditions for tinting your car’s windows are perfect due to lower levels of humidity. That’s because dry, mild weather allows tint film to dry faster, giving you the results you deserve from a top-notch tinting job.

There are many reasons to tint car windows. Benefits include:

Decreases Exposure to Sunlight – Window film can absorb more than 60% of the sun’s heat and increase the comfort of you and your passengers. As a result, you can significantly reduce air conditioner use, extend the life of your AC system and improve gas mileage.

Reduces Fading – Automotive window film blocks at least 99% of harmful UV rays while at the same time decreasing heat levels. Because heat and UV rays are the primary causes of fading upholstery, carpet, wood trim and dashboards, your vehicle’s interior will retain its luster.

Lowers Health Risks – Over-exposure to the sun’s UV rays can damage your eyes and skin. Tinted windows can protect you and your passengers from the sun’s most harmful effects.

Cuts Hazardous Glare – During the day, glare from the sun can blind your vision when driving. The same holds true for the headlights of other vehicles on the road at night. You can significantly reduce the safety risks of those two conditions by tinting your vehicle’s side and rear windows.

Improves Safety & Security – Thicker automotive protection films offer an extra level of safety in case of an accident. Such coatings also make it more difficult for thieves to steal your belongings using a “smash-and-grab” technique.

Enhances Appearance – Tinting films are available in almost any color, including invisible or clear, to give your vehicle the look you want.

Easy to Install – Most vehicles can be tinted by a professional in just 1 or 2 hours.

Find out how we can help you drive more comfortably this fall and beyond. Special financing options available.


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