Gentlemen…Start Your Engines…from Anywhere in the World

Gentlemen…Start Your Engines…from Anywhere in the World

The newest remote starters integrate alarm technology, the ability to start your vehicle, and locate your car via live GPS all on your smartphone. SmartStart and Carlink 3-Gapps also lock/arm & unlock/disarm, remote start, release trunk, sound panic, and operate power windows and more via auxiliary channels – anywhere in Hi-tech dashboardthe world. These apps can also be programmed for multiple users in a family. No more worries about your teenager’s keys locked in her car at the mall, finding your ride at a Steelers game, and getting into a freezing or sweltering car.  Also don’t forget about a traditional remote starter – take advantage of the Team Nutz Starter Special for $159.99 – that’s installed!  Regardless of the system, we pay careful attention to how remote starter interfaces with the vehicle’s complex electronic systems. Your safety and confidence is paramount. Plus there are no hidden costs or fees. We guarantee that the upfront price quoted is the price you’ll pay. Contact us now.


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