GM Shows Future Rear Seat Entertainment

In case you weren’t sufficiently impressed by the head up displays from Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Pioneer and Kenwood at CES last week, GM is showing a “tablet like” display for the back seat windows.

GM Windows of Opportunity project
Kids can pinch and zoom directly on the window to play with apps or “finger paint” on the window. This concept “window” includes motion and optical sensors to convert it to a multi-touch screen.

GM gave students at a university in Israel free reign to develop apps for the prototype window called the Windows of Opportunity (WOO) project.

One app called Otto, shows an animated character that appears to hover over passing scenery, responding to real time shifts in the landscape or the car or weather. There’s a Foofu app that mimics drawing on a steamed up window (like finger painting).

“Traditionally, the use of interactive displays in cars has been limited to the driver and front passenger, but we see an opportunity to provide a technology interface designed specifically for rear seat passengers,” said Tom Seder, GM R&D lab group manager for human-machine interface. “Advanced windows that are capable of responding to vehicle speed and location could augment real world views with interactive enhancements to provide entertainment and educational value.”

Toyota showed a similar concept window last year.

And researchers in Germany presented a similar concept at a conference sponsored by Audi last year.

Source: GM

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