GPS Tracking for Individuals or Fleet vehicles

Team Nutz GPS Tracking

Live tracking
Curfew Settings-Distance, Speed, Location,
Alerts via E-mail or Cell phone
Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Reports

Fully Installed With One Year Subscription

Device Features:

Remote Configuration
Intelligent Power Management
Power Low/Lost Alarm
Emergency Voice Calls
Cell ID Positioning Function
Unit Password Setting
Built-in Barometric Altimeter
Built-in Buzzer/Vibrator
Backup Battery Power Low Alarm
Backup Battery Capacity of 3 Days
Built-in voice Wiretapping
Geo-Fencing Reports
Journey Logging: 20,000 Locations
Simultaneous GSM/GPRS Communication
Custom Reports (ex: GPS Mileage Reports)
Voice, SMS, GPRS, TCP/UDP Communication
Remote Firmware upgrades
GPS Antenna Disconnect/Cut/Tamper Alarm
120,000 points data log storage
Tow Alarm

Typical Applications:

Live Monitoring of Vehicles
Vehicle Functionality
Accident detection
Real-Time Tracking
Geo-Fencing Reporting
3D G-Sensor Detection
Custom Sensor Integration
Impact & Shock Detection
Temperature Monitoring
Solar Panel Integration
Immobilizer Integration
On-Board Diagnostics
Pressure Monitoring
Driver Authentication
Patron Information
RFID Integration
Tamper Detection


IP67 Rating Capable to operate reliable in dusty environment
Weight 6oz
Built in 3D G Sensor for Vehicle Motion and Impact Detection
Operating Temp: -4 to 158 Degrees Fahrenheit
Communication: GSM, SMS, GPRS, TCP/UDP
Cell ID Positioning

Website Features:

Breadcrumb Trail
Turn-By-Turn Naviagation
Assets in Vicinity
Speed, Idle and Ignition Status
Home Position
Get Position manually
Route Planner
Multiple Fencing
Fleet Tracking Map
Tracking Replay Map
Estimated Time
Gas-Fill Up
Activity Summary
% Utilization in miles
Archived Reports
Patron Tracking
SMS/Email Alerts.

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