Happy 30th Anniversary to Audio Enhancers

Audio Enhancers is celebrating the company’s 30th Anniversary in 2012.

“It’s hard to believe its been 30 years since we built our first speaker box in south Louisiana. There have been so many advances in in-vehicle technology and so many changes in the world of communications and the 12volt industry” Audio Enhancer’s founder Ted Sharp told 12voltnews.com.

From that beginning in early 1982 the Sharps, Ted and Johanna, have worked to grow the company’s business. The company is now located in a modern facility within a modern industrial park in Ardmore – about an hour south of Nashville.

“Always with an eye to quality, detail and performance we have changed with the times and the marketplace. All Audio Enhancer enclosures are certified green and 100% made in the USA. Our enclosures are eco-friendly. All MDF is recycled – no trees are cut to make our products. Carpet for our enclosures comes from recycled plastic bottles and all glue is certified green. We have taken all the steps and are compliant with the tough California Phase 2 CARB rule” Sharp observed.

“Customer service along with a quality product are hallmarks at Audio Enhancers,” Ted Sharp

Audio Enhancers has hit the ground running in 2012. “Our distributors and direct account network is gearing up for the season. Tax refund checks are showing up and our dealers are selling amps, subwoofers and Audio Enhancer enclosures” Sharp added.

To celebrate 30 years Audio Enhancers has crested a special 2012 catalog featuring over 190 models with multiple finishes and custom options. New options include custom logos, custom runs and custom finishes.

“Our 2012 vehicle specific models have been verified and updated installation notes have been added” Sharp concluded.

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