HushMat Shows New In-Store Merchandiser

HushMat introduced at the SEMA show an in-store merchandiser for its sound dampening material for car stereo installations. The poster includes QR codes so consumers can snap a photo of the code with their smartphone and then view a short video about Hushmat on the phone.

HushMat poster

QR code

QR codes are essentially 2D barcodes that are becoming popular for use in for marketing on billboards, signs, web sites and in magazines.

Hushmat is offering specific posters for each of the Car Audio, Hot Rod & Restoration, Performance, and Heavy Truck markets.

“HushMat provides an easy to understand, Silent Salesperson merchandising poster to quickly inform the retail consumers and provides the counterperson or floor salesperson a “QR” code which plays a short but very informative video directed to that customer,” said founder Tim McCarthy.

Some smartphones ship with a QR code reader and others require the user download an app to read QR codes (for Android you need Google Goggles or an app such as Barcode Scanner).

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