In PA it is Now Illegal to Text and Drive

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I learned yesterday through Facebook that texting while driving is now a ticketable offense for Pennsylvania drivers. The bill has been signed into law and will go into effect soon. Texting while driving is considered a primary offense, meaning if a police officer sees you doing it, the officer can pull you over. The offense comes with a 50.00 fine. The bill only states texting, but I would not e-mail or web browse either as you are entering in text. I am personally for this bill and think we should have passed it sooner. Texting while driving is very dangerous.
AAA released the following bulletin:

Harrisburg, Pa. (November 1, 2011) – AAA today applauded the Pennsylvania legislature as the Commonwealth joined 34 other states with bans on texting while driving. Both houses of the legislature voted overwhelmingly to pass the bill. The new law prohibits sending or receiving text messages from a wireless communication device when a vehicle is in motion. Violation of the law is a primary offense, meaning a police officer can stop a motorist just for this offense. The offense carries a $50 fine. The law will become effective 60 days after the Governor’s signature.

AAA Reading-Berks said, “Texting while driving is a risk to ALL road users, and an overwhelming majority of the public supports the enactment of a ban.”Text messaging while driving has skyrocketed over the past few years and the trend is increasing. AAA research reported that 21 percent of drivers admitted text messaging while driving. According to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, a driver’s crash risk doubles when he/she looks away from the road for two or more seconds. “Text messaging is one of many distractions that can divert a driver’s attention, “said (AAA), “and teen drivers are particularly susceptible to distractions like texting, personal grooming, changing the radio/CD player and talking with passengers. For adult drivers, who provide the example for young drivers, texting while driving sends the wrong message.”
Talking on your cell phones without a hands free device is still being allowed on the PA state level. However, please note that individual city laws may be different. Cities like Erie in PA have passed laws that require hands free devices for talking on your cell phone while driving.
Sources: Reading Eagle, AAA

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