Ipod Installation to Vehicle – Pittsburgh

Team Nutz works with some of the Most advanced manufactures in Ipod Vehicle Solutions. This companies include: iSimple, USA Spec, Pac-Audio, Dice Electronics, Axxess Interface, Soundgate, and many others.

All iSimple products are engineered to set the industry gold standard in quality and excellence, with each one going through a battery of in-house and field testing to ensure consistent performance and reliability under a variety of conditions. We stand by our products with a one year warranty and a tech support team ready to address any technical concerns no matter how large or small.

USA Spec: “Our custom designed iPod interfaces connect to most OEM factory stereo systems. Once connected, you can charge, control, and play your iPod or iPhone from your OEM head unit.”

Dice Electronics: A complete solution that lets you listen, control and charge your iPod from your car’s factory radio. Say goodbye to FM transmitters and start enjoying the true quality of your MP3s with a direct in-line connection and line level output. No messy wires! Once installed, the only visible part of this kit will be the iPod dock connector or the optional G2 Cradle. Get connected and get in control with the Silverline Pro!

New from Dice Electronics: The MediaBridge is an entertainment and information connectivity device that is o˜ered in two configurations providing connectivity for Bluetooth hands-free and music streaming, USB digital connection for iPod™ and iPhone™, direct connection for USB Flash based mass storage devices and the aftermarket SIRIUS™ Satellite Radio tuner and portable radios. MediaBridge is Made for iPod (MFi) and Works with iPhone (WWi) compliant allowing a full featured iPod/iPhone experience over USB in the vehicle. The MediaBridge audio circuitry is designed to meet or exceed the sound quality of any premium audio system.

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