Kenwood Meeting AVR

Kenwood retailers in the southeast – mark your calendar.

March 12th and 13th, Monday and Tuesday respectively, are the dates of the 2012 Kenwood product training sessions hosted by AVR. Once again the Dave and Busters location Marietta will be the site of this key event.

Joe Hanson

“Matt Yeager will present the 2012 Kenwood product lineup to our dealers. Kenwood’s 2012 line is exceptionally strong and Matt will cover features and show our dealers how to relate those features as benefits for consumers looking to add aftermarket enjoyment, safety and convenience to their rides” Joe Hanson related to

The marquee inside David & Busters announced the Kenwood meeting last year.

Dinner and refreshments will be from 6PM until 7:15 both evenings. The product training sessions will begin at 7:15 and run until 8:45.

“In past years we have had excellent participation from our dealers who are truly committed to growing their respective businesses. The time of making a quick buck selling car audio is long gone. The professional, well trained and intelligent 12volt retailers are doing well. These dealer training meetings are an important part of our efforts at AVR to make the Kenwood brand number one with our dealers” Hanson concluded.

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