Kicker Launches All-Vehicle iPod/iPhone System

Kicker (Stillwater Designs) will unveil at the SEMA Show this week, an amplifier for an iPod or iPhone that can work in any vehicle with a charging system, including hot rods, UTVs, motorcycles, and golf carts.

Kicker PXi502 All Vehicle iPod/iPhone systemThe PXi50.2 amplifier plugs into a separate controller and speakers to give you music from your iPod, iPhone or other MP3 player, for playback in any vehicle.

The 25 watt by 2 (2 ohm) amplifier has a low current draw. And it has line-level stereo outputs for use with other amps in your system.
Kicker actually shows it installed in a lawnmower in the video below.

The iPod/iPhone amplifier/controller also charges the portable as it plays. The PXi50.2 will ship January 1 at a suggested retail price of $249.95.

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