Make 2019 Safer, Happier and Warmer

Make 2019 Safer, Happier and Warmer

Under Chapter 37 of the PA vehicle codAdobeStock_101044911e, it’s illegal to leave any vehicle, commercial or passenger, unattended and unlocked with the engine running. Believe it or not the ticket is only $5 but the associated costs of the citation are about $150. But having a remote starter doesn’t violate the state statute. Remote starters may also prevent a common form of theft – a car left unattended while its owner is in their house waiting for it to warm up. 

Pre-starting your car also allows the snow and frost to clear from the windshields and windows for safer driving, which make it in compliance with yet another vehicle code.  In Pennsylvania, drivers must have a clear, unobstructed, view of the road at all times. Snow and ice — along with any other debris — must be removed from all windows before driving.

A good quality remote starter also boosts vehicle resale value, and is a smart gift idea for those faced with the grim prospect of winter driving.  Plus, how much is it worth to you to get into an air-conditioned car during the dog days of summer?

The money wasted on a car-idling fine could pay for the Remote Starter Special at Team Nutz, which is as low at $159.99 installed. Installation by our highly trained techs takes only two to three hours, and there’s a one-year limited warranty on labor plus the manufacturer’s warranty. You may want to consider upgrading to the Viper SmartStart App on your smartphone. Team Nutz can also pair your new remote with a security system for added assurance. 

Start your New Year and your car by simply pressing a button. Visit to learn about the wide range of options. We install starters on any make or model.  Call 412-967-0467 for an installation appointment at our recently expanded Castle Shannon location, 3287 Library Road, just five minutes from the Rt. 51 and Rt. 88 intersection.

Happy 2019 from your friends in the know at Team Nutz.

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