Making the Legal Case for Remote Starters

Making the Legal Case for Remote Starters

Did you know that warming up your unattended car in the winter is illegal in many states, including Pennsylvania, unless you have a remote starter? In PA, it’s a summary offense, which is a fine plus court costs. Thieves actively look for those telltale puffs of smoke coming from exhaust pipes of parked cars in the winter. So, if your car is stolen, there can be civil and even criminal liability for the reckless act of leaving a vehicle unattended while running. More than 700,000 vehicles are stolen in the United States each year, and up to half of the thefts can be blamed on driver error and, what’s more, only 50% of these stolen cars are recovered.

FAST FACT: According to Science Daily, today’s automobile is a highly sophisticated smart device with more than 100 microprocessors and 50 electronic control units. Its 100 million lines of software code are 50 times more than an F-22 Raptor military aircraft. That’s why when you want to buy a remote starter, you need to get expert installation from a certified installer. Contact the high-tech pros at Team Nutz now.

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