Marine GPS

Marine GPS
shutterstock_1126121369As we experience boating weather in the Northeast, and are excited about getting out on waterways, you must consider the importance
of a good nautical GPS.

These units can be larger and more elaborate than automotive and outdoor ones since they are often mounted to a boat’s dashboard. Exact positioning is very important to naval navigation. For this reason, marine GPS units need to combine the accuracy of automobile units with the reception of outdoor units. Boaters depend on these systems for their position information where at sea it is typically much harder to determine exact location. Marine GPS units also often provide other important services such as weather information and other important maritime communications. Unpredictable weather at sea can be a life-threatening concern depending on the size of the craft and the time of year. As such, some units offer specialty features like the ability to “see” the ocean floor below via sounding technology or the use of sonar to locate sea life.

TeamNutz is certified in Marine Electronics through the American Boat Yacht Council (ABYC).
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