Mobile Solutions’ Advanced Subwoofer Design Training takes it to The Next Level!

The all new four day Mobile Solutions Advanced Subwoofer Design training launched with spectacular results January 28-31, 2012 at the Mobile Solutions Training Facility in Tempe, AZ. In attendance were 20 industry professionals who were proactively seeking what the instructors of the program call “The Next Level.”

As an all new class, Mobile Solutions’ Advanced Subwoofer Design training covers acoustics, design and fabrication of subwoofer systems for the car. Where many “off the shelf” solutions have become available in the market, there is still a strong interest in professional technicians learning more effective and repeatable ways to deliver results in a custom subwoofer application to their customers. Co-developed and instructed by industry veterans Bryan Schmitt and Todd Ramsey, this new and exciting class delivers a lot of the science and high value design/fabrication techniques in ways retailers can utilize to make money.

Among other areas, the Advanced Subwoofer Design training has a strong basis in demonstrating subwoofer characteristics, both acoustically in real time and in the design process with computer design software. The parts of a subwoofer and how the effect of putting one into an enclosure that’s in a car versus just a wide open room are all part of design analysis that attendees learn from with their ears and eyes.

All of the nicely crafted projects made by the students during the class.

When it comes to putting the designs into practice, the Advanced Subwoofer Design training presents highly innovative techniques for the world-famous MS fiberglass technique in a real time in-vehicle layup as well as building unique grilles, 3D trim rings and integrated “blended” trim panel designs. Mobile Solutions President, Bryan Schmitt, has a pedigree of well known demo vehicles that he shares with the class from a ‘here is how we build it’ perspective. It’s a truly special peek behind the scenes of how the installations in a professional shop can be done in a high-end production fashion.

John Schwartz of Perfectionist Auto Sound & Security in Anchorage, Alaska attended Advanced Subwoofer Design training with one of his technicians. Perfectionist Auto Sound & Security is the Mobile Electronics Magazine 2011-2012 Retailer of the Year. In fact, many top Retailer and Installer of the Year candidates routinely attend Mobile Solutions training sessions.

Bryan Schmitt

Schwartz commented “After 21 years in the industry, it is so refreshing attend another Mobile Solutions course that covers so much information and so many techniques that we constantly use in our business model. I have attended three Mobile Solutions trainings and have also had Bryan at our location. In every case we learned new fabrication techniques and new ways to increase our business. I highly recommend attending any Mobile Solutions event.”

Another Advanced Subwoofer Design attendee Andrew Evens of Industry Auto Designs in Las Vegas, Nevada said “If you want to be one of the best, book your class! As the owner of a custom installation focused retail shop and lifelong installer, these are the kinds of classes you need to be successful.”

Indeed many of the 20 professionals who attended the Advanced Subwoofer Design training were industry veterans with many years of experience or motivated technicians who saw this as an avenue to expand their career opportunities or business prospects.

As an added benefit for attendees, Mobile Solutions secures preferred rates at a local Country Inn Suites hotel where transportation is provided between the hotel and both the airport and the MS training facility.

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