Myths & Facts About Remote Car Starter Systems

Myths & Facts About Remote Car Starter Systems


When it comes to remote car starter systems, it can be difficult to separate fiction from reality. That’s because many aftermarket installation shops tell customers anything to make a sale. At Team Nutz, honesty has always been our policy. In that spirit, here’s useful, unbiased information you can use to decide which automatic starter is best for your vehicle.

Myth: Remote Starters void warranties.

Fact: They do not. In fact, we work with car dealers to install remote starters on their new vehicles.

Myth: Remote Starters are bad for your engine.

Fact: Allowing your engine to pre-heat before driving in cold weather allows engine oil to reduce its viscosity (“thin out”) and flow better. It also makes your drivetrain last longer.

Myth: Remote Starter signals don’t need a lot of range.

Fact: Even if you park near a window at your home or office, a longer-range signal helps you remote-start your car in a variety of places you go frequently, such as grocery stores, restaurants, malls and the gym.

Myth: Remote Starters are easy to install.

Fact: Modern electrical systems in vehicles are very complex, and installing a remote starter requires the expertise of a technician who knows how to interface with multiplexed wiring and Can-BUS networks.

Myth: Remote Starters can’t be used with manual transmissions & diesel engines.

Fact: We have the know-how to install Remote Starters in “stick shift” vehicles, and because diesel engines take longer to warm up than gasoline engines, our Starters can make winter more bearable.

With systems priced as low as $159.99, fully installed, save 20% on remote car starters purchased by November 30, 2017. Learn more and act soon!

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