OMEGA Updates EXCALIBUR Series Remote Start Product Line

Omega Research and Development, Inc. (Booth #11818) announced today the introduction of their eight upgraded EXCALIBUR Series Remote Start systems. The RS-240-DP is a new entry level one-button remote start system with a lower price point. The RS-230-DPB is a new deluxe one-button remote start system offering low temperature detection & BLADE cartridge support. The RS-340-EDP and RS-340-EDP+ are new keyless entry and remote start systems. They join the proven RS-330-EDPB this season with new data port technology that hosts both DEI and iDatalink module protocols as well as offering support for Omega’s new CarLink smartphone interface. The RS-330-EDPB, AL-1630-EDPB and AL-1830-EDPB, & AL-2030-EDPB are continuing their evolution and their legacy as the most flexible remote start systems available! With new firmware upgrades available they now offer Omega CarLink compatibility among several other feature enhancements.

These RS & Combo units are compatible with the Omegalink Databus suite of OEM integration solutions which simply plug into the system’s data port saving installer time and effort. All “EDPB” models take it a step further with BLADE cartridge compatibility. This eliminates any wiring between the module and remote start system as well as eliminating extra modules to mount in the vehicle for the least invasive installation possible.

The BLADE-AL, universal doorlock and transponder cartridge supports almost 3,000 vehicle applications including CANbus vehicles and the BLADE-TB universal transponder cartridge supports immobilizer bypass for over 1,700 vehicles.

“BLADE technology saves a significant amount of install time. It docks directly on the remote starter eliminating module-to-module wiring, and using a computer, you can quickly re-flash the BLADE cartridge’s firmware, the remote starter’s firmware, set the remote starter’s programmable features and basically configure the entire system before picking up any tools,” said Hircio Barrios, Operations Manager, Omega Research and Development.

The RS-240-DP, stand alone remote start system is Omega’s entry level unit that features a data port for integration modules, 1-button 1,000 ft long range remote with backlit button, 5 onboard relays, unlock output for easy vehicle access during remote start season, turbo timer with selectable run times, window mount antenna, low volt auto start, 5 methods of engine detection (tachless hi, tachless low, tach, crank only, & data tach), and gas & diesel compatibility.

The RS-230-DPB, deluxe stand-alone remote start system offers all the same features as the RS-240-DP but adds low temp auto start, low temp auto crank adjust, 1,500 ft range, valet switch & status lights integrated into the antenna, & BLADE cartridge port.

The RS-340-EDP, key less entry and remote start system offers the same features as the RS-240-DP but adds keyless entry, ECHO 2-way compatibility (except ECHO-COLOR), manual transmission compatibility, trunk release, and two standard 4-button remote controls.

The RS-340-EDP+, deluxe keyless entry and remote start system offers the same features as the RS-340-EDP but adds, extended range remotes with up to 1,500 ft operating range and metal accents, valet switch & status lights integrated into the antenna, low temperature auto start, low temperature auto crank adjust, as well as supporting the ECHO-COLOR 1-mile 2-way upgrade kit.

“Protect It – Start It – Control It – Track It. Since 1970, Omega Research and Development has been on the leading edge of innovation in the vehicle security industry. Omega’s product line-up features security and convenience offerings – plus accessories – to fit the needs of virtually any vehicle owner. A pioneer in the fields of databus integration and telematics, Omega’s new generation of products deliver the latest technology to customers worldwide.” Barrios concluded

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