Parrot Minikit+

The good: The Parrot Minikit+ offers hands-free calling and A2DP audio streaming. It automatically downloads the phone book off a paired phone, enabling voice dialing of any stored contact. The noise- and echo-reducing microphone ensures clear calls.

The bad: Speaker quality is passably good, but could stand a bit of improvement.

The bottom line: The Parrot Minikit+ makes good use of its voice controls and excellent microphone to deliver clear calls and a safer driving experience.

If the product above looks familiar, don’t be surprised. The Parrot Minikit+ shares not only a design but also its name with the previously reviewed Parrot Minikit Slim. I was a bit nonplussed about what the suffix change from Slim to + meant, but it turns out that Parrot has made incremental changes across the board to the Minikit’s already great performance.

Where design is concerned, the Minikit+ doesn’t differ considerably from the original Minikit Slim. Its dimensions are roughly the same: 2.4 inches wide, 4.3 inches long, and about 1.1 inches deep at

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