Parrot Text Friendly Service

What is TextFriendly?

TextFriendly is a service that allows any Parrot hands-free user to access and compose emails and SMS text messages by voice.

How does TextFriendly work?

TextFriendly is a set of applications which use both distant server software for emails and vocal commands, and a mobile handset application for reading text messages. Once you have configured your TextFriendly account – basically email address, phone number and password – the service interacts vocally and provides a direct access to your data.

Are my emails and text messages secured?

All your data is confidential and encrypted for safety. The access to your account is protected by a PIN code. All the information and personal data is 128-bit encrypted, the same type of encryption used by Governments and major banks. The TextFriendly server is also secured and protected by several firewalls. After contacts synchronization, the server only stores names, email addresses and phone numbers. No other information is stored.

Who can use TextFriendly?

Anybody who wants to email and text while being away of any computers: Commuters, Sales-Reps, Executives, Taxi drivers, Repair men, Real estate, Insurance Sales, Officials, Government employees, Dads and Mums …

What do I have to do to enrol?

If you have bought a Parrot Product with TextFriendly included you will find an activation card in your product’s box.

Simply type and follow the online instructions.
If you don’t have an activation card, an enrolment program will be available soon.

How can I use TextFriendly?

It’s so simple to use: dial the server phone number via the Parrot device (just click on the TextFriendly menu if available on your device) and immediately access all your emails. To listen to your text messages, use the handset application provided with the TextFriendly service. Refer to the Quick Reference Guide to see the list of voice commands.

Why should I use TextFriendly?

TextFriendly is a safe and legal way to access all your emails and text messages. As this service is fully vocal, you don’t have to handle or manipulate any devices to read contents or compose emails and messages. It’s completely hands-free. So you can stay connected at any time even if you’re far from the office. For you own safety, be responsible: avoid any dangerous behavior while driving!

Where can I use TextFriendly?

You can use TextFriendly wherever and whenever you want. There is no limitation, TextFriendly operates anywhere your mobile phone works.

Which mobile phones are compatible with TextFriendly?

TextFriendly works with ALL mobile phones: Google™ Android, RIM BlackBerry®, Apple iPhone™, Windows Mobile®, Symbian® …

Only the SMS text message reading application is handset-dependent because it has to be installed on the phone itself. Please refer to TextFriendly pages for further explanations.

Which email server can I access with TextFriendly?

TextFriendly is compatible with most emails providers, including POP3 and IMAP servers. Most of web-emails services are supported as well: Hotmail, MSN, Gmail™, Yahoo!, AOL…
Corporate emails access is also supported via a secure IMAP connection.

Is TextFriendly carrier dependent?

No, TextFriendly works with any carrier.

How can I manage my contacts with TextFriendly?

Go to website and import your contacts from Outlook, Outlook Express, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail…
You can also use the mobile handset application to synchronise the contacts of your phone with TextFriendly

Do I need a specific hands-free device to access TextFriendly?

TextFriendly has been optimized to work with Parrot hands-free systems and portable kits. Most of the Parrot hands-free fitted systems embed a dedicated TextFriendly menu to ease the access to the TextFriendly server. But TextFriendly operates also with Parrot portable hands-free kits and speakerphones

Which languages are available with TextFriendly?

TextFriendly is currently available in English, American English, Spanish, Mexican Spanish, and French. More languages will come later.

How do I know if I’ve got new emails coming?

Just dial the server phone number via the Parrot device (just click on the TextFriendly menu if available on your device). The voice service will tell you how many new emails you have received and read them to you.
If you prefer to immediately know what messages you have received you can configure the handset application to read the emails as soon as they arrive.

How can I send an email to one of my contacts in the phonebook?

Enter the TextFriendly menu on your Parrot hands-free device or dial TextFriendly number and say “compose email”. Then just follow the instructions to send an email by voice

Can I have several email accounts managed by TextFriendly?

Yes, you can have up to four email accounts.

Can I read or visualize an attached document when accessing an email?

No, this is not possible.

Can I attach a document to a new email?

No, this is not possible.

How are the spams managed by TextFriendly?

The spams will be filtered out by the filter of your email provider.

Can I change the language once the personal setting is done?

Yes, you can change the language of the voice service and other settings from TextFriendly website.

Can I listen to emails written in other languages?

The mobile hands-free application automatically detects the language of the emails and text messages and reads it in the correct language. This feature will also be available soon for the voice service.

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