Pull In for a Mid-Summer Boat Detailing

Pull In for a Mid-Summer Boat Detailing

Summertime sun and the living is easy…but not on your boat or watercraft exterior and interior. UV rays oxidize on surfaces, much like a bad sunburn. Help keep that showroom shine on the hull, deck and flashy side graphics with mid-summer detailing that includes applications of special polymer coatings with UV inhibitors. And don’t forget the interior. Spilled guacamole and expensive craft beer don’t make your expensive investment smell like a pleasure craft. A thorough cabin cleaning with reapplication of a fabric guard not only protects from spills, but also shields your upholstery and stitching from solar degradation. Remember a clean boat is a happy boat. Learn more about Team Nutz detailing packages and specials by calling 412-967-0460.

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