RE Audio Announces the Release of Its New Pro Series Woofers

RE Audio, a division of US AMPS, has announced the release of their Pro Series line of subwoofers in support of traditional “Brick and Mortar” 12 Volt specialists. The sale of RE Audio Pro subwoofers to any Internet seller is strictly prohibited.

By offering our latest in advanced technological upgrades and performance enhancements, and by ensuring that customers are aware of the models that are hand built in America, the Pro line offers the highest possible perception of value.

Mark Pyle, National Sales Manager, reported tremendous interest in the Pro Series line at CES.

“It is unfortunate that many consumers end up purchasing a sub based on how loud and how low it will play solely. The RE Pro series Pro series of woofers continues our tradition of addressing both the ‘quantitative” and “qualitative” aspects of subwoofer design” said Craig Smith, VP of Marketing for RE Audio. “ Special attention is paid by our in house engineering staff to the design, selection and testing of each component that makes up every Pro series motor system. By doing so, we continue to offer subs that do not just play low and loud, but also maintain linear frequency response and low distortion at extremely high power levels . The Pro series does this exceptionally well.”

Traffic in the RE Audio booth was heavy throughout the four days of CES 2012.

Smith continued, ”The total package of looks, performance, price, exclusivity and program offerings should be the logical solution for retailers trying to survive in these difficult economic times”.

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