Remote Car Starters Offer Many Advantages

Remote Car Starters Offer Many Advantages

Python LCD 2-Way Security and Remote Start SystemAs colder temperatures become a reality, take the sting out of winter and do your car a favor by investing in a remote starter. These key fob-sized devices allow you to increase your comfort, and that of your passengers, by starting your car’s heating system – or the car itself – before you’re ready to leave. (You get the same advantage for activating the air conditioning on hot summer days.)

By starting the car before you get in, you’re able to warm the engine so it sufficiently heats up oil and other engine lubricants and distributes them to components for optimal functioning. Starting the heater ahead of time also melts any ice or snow on the windshield and windows, as well as on headlights, increasing your own safety, and that of other drivers on the road, in cold or foggy weather.

Additionally, remote starters increase your security by allowing you to lock the doors and prevent a burglar from driving the car away while you’re warming it up. (Not all insurance policies cover that type of loss.)

With systems priced as low as $159.99, fully installed, car starters are a practical way to minimize the impact of the elements on your body, your car and your bank account.

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