Remote start, security and keyless entry smartphone interface module

CarLink is our first smartphone interface that builds upon the heritage that has made us a market leader in remote start systems for years. CarLink allows you to start your vehicle, unlock your doors or pop the trunk from virtually any distance, or help you find your car in a large garage after a sporting event or a trip to the mall. It is as easy as the click of a button or the tap of your finger.

Compatible with iPhone, BlackBerry and Android
Easy “plug-in” installation
Remote Start
Door lock and unlock
Two-way confirmation
Car find feature (horn honk and/or flashing lights)
Two auxiliary outputs (i.e. control trunk release or sliding door open)
Compatible with any Prestige, Code Alarm and Pursuit security or remote start system with data port
1st year “unlimited use” included
Virtually unlimited operating range (in smartphone service areas)

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