Remote Starters Make Cold Weather More Brrrrrrable

Remote Starters Make Cold Weather More Brrrrrrable

tnutz-winter-10-2018When the leaves begin turning colors, one thing is certain: cold temperatures will soon follow. Make your winter more comfortable by upgrading to a remote starter for your vehicle. Whether you drive a car, truck, SUV or van, remote starters offer many advantages and are more affordable than you might think.

The benefits of using a remote starter, instead of starting your engine the old-fashioned way, include getting into a vehicle that’s already warm; melting the snow and ice off your vehicle by running the defroster before you’re ready to roll, so you can be on-time; locating your vehicle in a crowded parking lot; synchronizing your vehicle with your smartphone for easier climate control and overall operation; tracking your vehicle’s movements through GPS – particularly helpful if you’re loaning your vehicle to a family member or friend; and increasing the life of your engine, as a warm engine with viscous oil running through it offers better performance than an engine in which the cold oil is heating up while the vehicle is in motion.

To ensure your vehicle’s security, our remote starters keep your vehicle locked while the engine is running unattended.

What’s more, if you own your vehicle and are looking to sell it, a remote starter can increase resale value, especially given the extreme temperatures (cold and hot) we experience in this area throughout much of the year.

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