Seal Failure, and what it is.

Knowing what to do When Your Seal Fails

If you are thinking about making an improvement to your vehicle by adding a window tint or a window seal, you may be looking for a trusted window tinting Pittsburgh company to work with. After all, many drivers have seen vehicles with low-quality tinting. The result of low-quality services generally may be bubbles underneath the tint film or windows that appear to be foggy or dirty. These problems are the result of a low-quality installation service for window tinting. Many vehicle owners are concerned about window seal failure and how it may affect their vehicle. By understanding more about what this problem is, you may make a more informed decision about which window tinting Pittsburgh company to work with.

Window Seal

What Is Seal Failure
Seal failure is most commonly associated with tints and window seals that are placed on building windows. It is important to note that this problem can occur with windows with or without window film. Essentially, many windows are designed with insulation between two panes of glass. There is a water-absorbing sealant material that acts as a spacer between these two panes, and it prevents moisture from penetrating into the space between the window panes. The window seal generally will work well to prevent moisture from entering this space. However, if it is weakened in any areas, window film or tint may have a negative impact. This is because tints can absorb heat between the panes, and this can create condensation on the window.

What Studies Show
It is important to note that studies have shown that the wintow tints and films generally have no effect on a window seal unless the seal is already weakened or damaged in some way. The seal should be strong enough and secure enough to support the absorption of heat from between the panes. Because of this, many reputable window film manufacturers will offer a warranty that guarantees that the film will not cause damage to the windows due to seal failure if preexisting conditions are not present.

What This Means for Auto Tinting
Many buildings today are constructed with double-paned windows, so the problem of window seal failure is common. Vehicles, however, are manufactured using a single sheet of safety glass. The glass is designed so that the likelihood of the window completely shattering upon impact is minimal. There are different techniques that many be used by window tinting Pittsburgh companies, including the use of films on windows. While seal failure may not be a problem with auto windows, bubbling and peeling of window film can occur when the film is not applied properly.

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